Covino & Rich Show Recap: 8-14-17

Covino & Rich –  Monday, 8/14/17

Show Topics

  • Covino’s birthday weekend – Covino had a great weekend with friends and family. He went out for drinks of Friday night with Rich and friend, Spot was nowhere to be found. Covino was annoyed that Spot didn’t even respond the invite. Spot says he fell asleep before he could respond. Rich told Covino that he needs to accept the new version of their friendship it’s a working one!
  • Charlottesville protests and violence – Covino doesn’t understand how people are so surprised by what is happening, racism still exists. Rich is surprised at how bold and open these people are, it’s disgusting. Spot is disgusted by the behavior in Charlottesville, however these people have the right to protest and free speech. As a country that prides itself on free speech. we have to allow this. Spot thinks the solution is indifference, everyone needs to accept that we all have our own views – right or wrong, we need to be unconcerned with what others are doing or fighting for. Covino makes a great point by acknowledging them you give them power. They discuss the “two sides” argument and take listener calls on their opinions on the Charlottesville protests.
  • Bryce Harper’s injury – slid off first base after a rain delay over the weekend, hyperextended his leg and got a “bruised bone,” video looks a lot worse, he’s out for 10 games


  • Friend in need – Our listener is 26 years old and was in a relationship for seven and a half years. The woman he was with cheated with him while she was on vacation (this was the second time) and she left him three days after coming home. He is looking for advice for getting back into the dating scene, what can he do? C&R recommend that he jump right into the online dating game. Take time for self-improvement but try online dating, go out and try to meet people, reinvent yourself a bit and be self-aware.
  • Covino’s headlines – there’s a new trend on the subway. Men are airdropping women penis pictures while they are on the subway. There’s is a new parody song – Dickpicsito. Covino wasn’t a fan the first time he watched it but it’s growing on him a little bit.



  • Terrible trends – C&R are convinced that with women exposing more and more of themselves, soon there will be no more to leave to the imagination. They believe that the next thing will be women exposing their buttholes. It just so happens that Covino found an article about butthole tattoos becoming the next big rage. This is a terrifying thing for them to think of since Covino and Rich both have daughters. What would your butthole tattoo be? Rich needs to know.



  • Mayweather vs McGregor update – responds to Paulie Malignaggi’s comments about their sparring session, people are say McGregor’s looking slow but could win, Mayweather is one of the best conditioned athletes out there



  • Dad bod vs Hot bod – Viral video of attractive women deciding whether they would date a guy with a hot body or a guy with a dad bod. The women for the most part chose the dad bod. C&R wonder why women are more inclined to date the dad bod and if works both ways. Are guys more willing to just sleep with the hot girl and date the girl who isn’t quite as in shape? C&R don’t think so.