Covino & Rich Show Recap: 8-11-17

Covino & Rich –  Friday, 8/11/17

Show Topics

  • C&R and Spot drove separately today – The guys carpool together into work every day but today Spot drove separately. Spot is in a much better mood, is this a good thing? Spot thinks that a lot of Covino’s life started to weigh on him. It’s been a tough year for Covino and having the same conversation every day and after a year it started to affect Spot. Spot got to drive in listening to the music he likes with the windows down in peace.
  • Sticky fingers Covino – A listener came in recently and was taking a look at the speaker system and said it would look good in his house and Covino agreed. Does anyone else have stupid thoughts about stealing things like this? Covino will randomly think about stealing things that he sees but he would never do it. Rich and Spot say they never think about stealing things. Rich admits to wanting to steal an umbrella or phone charger but that’s it. Maybe Covino comes from a long line of thieves. Listeners call in to talk about the things they steal.


  • Immature or awesome? – Rich’s friend was out at the bar with his friends and offered to buy a girl a drink. She was a snooty about it but accepted, so they went to the bar to order shots and she added two more shots to the order for her friends. Immediately after taking the shots, the girls left with not even a thank you. Rich’s friend tried to let it go but was so annoyed that when he saw one of the girls that he bought a shot for, he pulled the hat off of her head and poured his beer in it. Is this immature revenge or awesome? Covino and Spot agree that it was immature, he should have read the situation better. Listeners call in with their own immature revenge story and their thoughts on the story. He definitely overreacted.
  • Friend in need – Listener of the show has been taking care of his daughter’s fish for a couple weeks while his wife and kids are on vacation. He went to go feed the fish the other day and the fish had jumped out of the bowl and died on the floor. He called his wife to ask her what to do and the wife said just to replace it. Our listener is confident that their daughter would be able to tell the difference. Does he use this opportunity to teach his daughter about honesty and death? The guys think that he should just be honest with his daughter and give her an early lesson in death.
  • Random news – Construction workers tie up someone who was trying to steal tools from their truck until the cops show up, Tim Tebow makes a little boy’s life by saying hi to him during a game and then hits a big home run, and news anchor delivers news while someone in the newsroom is watching porn in the background behind her.


  • Dickie Deep Thought – As the transgender community continues to progress and become more socially accepted, will people disclose that they are transgender right at the beginning? Will this just become so common that it won’t bother anyone? Is this the future? Rich thinks that the upcoming generations will not be bothered by this. Covino hopes this isn’t the way things will go but with how accepting people are becoming it is more likely than that. Listeners call in with their thoughts on dating and transgender people in the dating community.