Covino & Rich Show Recap: 8-10-17

Covino & Rich –  Thursday, 8/10/17

Show Topics

  • Solar Eclipse 2017 – Spot is going to drive up to Oregon to see the eclipse then meet C&R in Vegas for the Mayweather/McGregor fight. C&R don’t think this eclipse is a big deal, Spot doesn’t understand how they don’t think it’s important. Rich downplayed it more than anyone, he would rather do anything else than watch the eclipse. Listeners that are in the path of the eclipse call in to tell Rich about the madness that the eclipse is causing. Restaurants are booked, clubs are charging astronomical rates, and people are being told to prepare as if it was a heavy winter storm – go to the market, make sure you have gas in your car, stock up on all the necessities, and populations are expected to triple. Spot is very excited and Rich admits to downplaying it. Covino is now considering going with Spot.


  • Instagram girls – Rich has been spending more time on Instagram. They were late to the social media game and ignored Instagram for a long time which turned out to be a mistake – it seems like Instagram is used more than anything. Something that upsets him more than anything is seeing an attractive girl posting a video of herself singing and dancing. It makes them so unattractive. Covino also chimes in with his own little bit of advice for those that follow lots of hot Instagram girls, make sure to cleanse your palette by following a flamboyant gay man to break up the women.


  • Cross it off the list – Coinci-dance viral video that Covino loves, Kylie Jenner’s cosmetic company set to be a billion dollar company, and the new boob heart trend.


  • Friend In Need #1 – Listeners and friends of the show just bought their first home together. The previous owner was not liked by the community and was extremely disliked. He had issues with local government, had no trespassing signs, security cameras, and was set up like a bunker. The owner was veteran and possibly had PTSD. The listeners want to be a part of their new community so they took down all the signs, cameras, but he is conflicted about whether or not to take down the American flags that are all over the property. The listeners are patriotic and want to express that, but aren’t sure what to do. Covino and Rich both agree – just take down the flags and get your own.
  • Friend In Need #2 – A listener reaches out for advice on his marriage. His wife has always had a problem with his family and wants nothing to do with them. His family has tried to get along with her but they cant. His wife has even said that if they have children, she does not want his family involved with the child. She has been caught cheating, constantly going through his phone, calls him terrible names when they argue and has put them in so much debt that he has to be gone working for 6 weeks at a time. Is he wrong for thinking or feeling like he’s done everything he can? C&R both agree that the listener needs to get out of this situation. Listeners call in to give their advice for what they think the listener should do. C&R discuss whether a personality disorder or mental illness is a factor and how that could play in role in all of this.