Covino & Rich Show Recap: 8-9-17

Covino & Rich –  Wednesday, 8/9/17



Show Topics

  • Happy Birthday, Covino! – Covino turns 41 today, this is the last time he’s acknowledging his age. He still gets a childlike excitement on his birthday and still celebrates a birthday week. Rich and Spot think he’s way too old for that, but they’ll let him enjoy his day.
  • Possible Ellismania? – Ellis heard about Spot and Rich’s spat on the show yesterday and how they mentioned fighting it out at Ellismania. Ellis called Spot and Rich into the studio to see if they would actually consider fighting it out. Spot would be down to do it, Rich said he would have to sleep on it. The guys revisit the conversation today, Rich does not want to fight Spot in Ellismania because he doesn’t think he could actually hit Spot to hurt him. Rich says it’s a terrible idea for their friendship, it would hurt them more than anything. Rich also thinks he would destroy Spot in boxing, Spot disagrees. Rich uses every excuse in the book to explain why he doesn’t want to do Ellismania. Rich will consider it if they can involve a charity somehow.



  • Rich almost had a meltdown yesterday – Sara and Rich were at Target with the baby getting supplies. The baby was getting fussy so they rushed out of Target to get the baby home. When they got to the car the battery was dead. Rich felt himself getting anxious and angry – it could have ended with him and Sara having a huge argument in the parking lot but he managed to calm down and go buy jumper cables and get the car going again. He was really proud of him and Sara being able to keep it together in the midst of the temporary madness. Afterwards they went to lunch and ran into Justin Hartley from This Is Us. Rich hates to approach celebrities, but he did and Justin was really nice. He managed to get him to a photo with Emmy. Rich was really proud of himself for not being lame – Spot makes sure to point out that Rich messed up and ended up being lame anyway. Justin Hartley’s fiancé who was there with him, has been on the show twice.



  • Crossing things off the list – Sinead O’Connor meltdown video, Miss Bum Bum 2017, Usher accused of giving a woman herpes, unicorn hair trend – a video of a girl trying to do it and all her hair fell out, new trends, raunchy photos from the Wisconsin state fair, and you can now get a dildo with your face on it.


  • Colin Kaepernick – People are protesting for Colin Kaepernick. Rich points out that you can’t force an NFL team to sign him. Take away all the trouble he has cause, but his numbers are important to look at too. Not only is he a distraction, but he doesn’t have the stats either. Spike Lee has organized a protest for him, what is the point of it? Is the rally going to be about Colin Kaepernick’s actual skill and talent or is it going to focus on his stances on social and political situations? Listeners call in with their opinions on the Colin Kaepernick situation.