Covino & Rich Show Recap: 8-8-17

Covino & Rich –  Tuesday, 8/8/17


Jon Taffer – Host of Spike’s Bar Rescue

Show Topics

  • New schedule – The guys love working mornings, but they feel like because they are off so early, they need to fill their day with more work. Spot doesn’t get that, he would think C&R would be happy to spend more time with their families. Spot fills his day with work and isn’t bored with his free time like C&R.
  • Spot doing yoga – Rich comes down on Spot for doing yoga. Spot has decided to start doing yoga at home and get comfortable doing it so he can eventually make it to a class with his wife. Spot has been using a wrist strengthening grip to help improve strength and his practice and Rich finds it so amusing. It annoys Rich because after years of trying to get Spot to a gym or a class,  he chooses yoga. Spot fires back at Rich for giving him a hard time, especially since Spot is trying to better himself. Just because Spot doesn’t go to Orange Theory like Rich, doesn’t mean it’s not a workout. Spot and Rich get exceptionally aggravated with each other and argue about their respective workouts.


  • Friendship changes – Rich is convinced that him and Spot only have a working relationship now. He thinks that eventually they will all only see each other at work. Spot disagrees – especially with the move the Los Angeles, the three of them are all each other have. They see each other so much and while they were working nights, Spot never got to see his wife. He wants to spend his time off with his wife and doing things that he enjoys that don’t necessarily C&R. Rich has accepted the Spot doesn’t want to be his friend anymore. They aren’t even going to be carpooling together anymore it seems like.


  • Trolling – A listener posted on the C&R Facebook a comment about disliking Bruno Mars. The listener says that he is a music enthusiast and is tortured by Bruno Mars music. Rich can’t tell if this guy is being a troll or not. Covino doesn’t think he’s being a troll at all, he just has a different opinion. C&R discuss how Bruno Mars is an undeniable talent, whether you like his music or not. The guys discuss how people can dislike something but still acknowledge their greatness but so many people refuse to do that and just stick to their lane and opinion.
  • Hall passes – C&R dive into the idea of the hall pass conversation and who they would sleep with if they could. Covino finds the hall pass game insulting. A woman he met recently told him her hall pass list and asked him what his was. As a man in the entertainment industry, his hall pass list are actual possibilities – he wouldn’t want to share that with someone he’s dating. Spot thinks that Covino is having just a very ego driven conversation, just because he’s in the industry doesn’t mean he can sleep with whoever he wants. Covino sees it as any girl (famous or not) has a chance with anyone on their hall pass list – why would he want to hear that? Spot points out that Covino is taking the hall pass list too seriously, it’s supposed to be fun and silly.


  • Jon Taffer in studio – Friend of the show, Jon Taffer stops by to talk about Bar Rescue. This visit to the show is a little different from his last interview, this time around Jon Taffer takes calls from listeners and answers their questions about the show, their own restaurants, and the success that Bar Rescue brings to the places he fixes up.