Covino & Rich Show Recap: 8-4-17

Covino & Rich –  Friday, 8/4/17

Show Topics

  • Penis glue – C&R were in a group chat with Covino’s brother, Tommy. Tommy brags quite a bit about using the pull out method when he’s hooking up, he’s never had any issues with STD’s, pregnancies, or abortions. He’s very confident in his pull out capabilities. C&R were giving Tommy advice and sent him an article about a new product on the market, Jiftip. It’s for guys that use the pull out method to ensure that they don’t get someone pregnant. This product does not seem useful. The conversation takes a turn when Rich asks what the weirdest thing people have used as a condom replacement.



  • Are tattoos a problem? – Covino found an article on tattoos. Do we have a problem with tattoos in America? There has never been anything Rich has wanted loved enough to put on his body. C&R will both get tattoos on their butt of the Covino and Rich logo when they make a million dollars a year. Do we have an issue with tattoos in America? The guys say yes, people are going overboard. Because tattoos are more widely accepted these days, it’s no surprise that they are becoming more common.



  • Stupid news – Woman defecates on bosses desk;  A woman defecated on her bosses desk after winning the lottery. Rich asks Covino if he’s ever done anything like this? Covino says no but he wanted to. It’s something everyone wants to do at some point but they never do it. The most Covino has done is just not care and be a bad employee. Tom Wopat from Dukes of Hazzard arrested for sticking his finger in a woman’s butt crack. Taylor Swift butt-grab case finally going to court. A radio DJ grabbed Taylor Swift’s butt while taking a photo and she filed charges and In a case that has been going on for a few years, it seems to be finally going in her favor. C&R discuss the double standard between men grabbing a woman’s butt and a woman grabbing a man’s ass. Ralph Macchio and Billy Zabka sign on for a Karate Kid spin off television show, Cobra Kai.



  • Friend in need – a listener is dating someone new and it isn’t really working out. She is a great girl, but it’s just not in the cards for them. He realized that she had a pretty significant surgery and doesn’t know whether or not he should reach out. There is no bad blood between them, they just won’t work as a couple. C&R both agree that it is okay to reach out, nothing crazy – maybe a simple text message will do the trick. It’s okay to show that you still care, just don’t send mixed signals.
  • Friend in need #2 – Another listener reaches out for relationship advice. He has split from his wife twice, and in the last six month he met someone who he is strictly just sleeping with. He made it very clear that he was just looking for sex, but since then the girl has gotten attached. Our listener met another woman, has slept with her and is feeling a little bit guilty about the other woman. Should he feel guilty about this? The guys agree that he shouldn’t feel guilty, he made it clear that he and the first girl were only sleeping together and nothing more. However, if he knows she’s gotten attached and he wants nothing more from her he should let her go.