Covino & Rich Show Recap: 8-3-17

Covino & Rich –  Thursday, 8/3/17

Show Topics

  • Covino went to see Chevelle – He went with a couple friends to see Chevelle in Los Angeles. His take away is that they are incredibly underrated. He is impressed by the longevity of their career. There are so many bands that hit it hard right away but they don’t last, somehow Chevelle has managed to extend the life of their career this long. Covino thinks there is something to be said about that. C&R discuss other musicians and bands that have managed to stay relevant and still look good.
  • The silent killer in relationships – Expectations. People realizing that their expectations are not being met is what is killing relationships and marriages the most. When  you realize the life you expected is not the life you have, everything changes. What is the solution? According to the article that Rich found, going with the flow and adapting to the marital climate as you change and grow. Is complacency a part of this as well? It takes two people to get to this point in a marriage but if no one is trying to fix it or look for a solution, it is doomed. C&R discuss the ways that marriages end, why they are ending so frequently these days, and possible solutions for preventing these situations.




  • C&R show updates – C&R announced that the annual road trip will be postponed for a month. There a clients that are showing possible interest. The road trip will be happening with or without sponsorship but just a little later than usual. Also, C&R will be in Las Vegas for the Conor McGregor/Floyd Mayweather fight and for the Canelo/GGG fight as well. McGregor is favorite for this fight as of now.


  • Stallone will be fighting in Creed 2 – He is all signed up for Creed 2. He’ll be fighting but there is no word as to whether he’ll be in the ring for an official fight or as a trainer in the film. He’s also in the news Sly is going to be on This Is Us this coming season. Stallone will be in the episode where Jack dies.
  • Rich did something embarrassing – When Rich gets home from work, Sara is exhausted and they are at the point where Emmy goes to sleep at the same time every night. Rich is usually still wide awake. A few weeks ago after work, Rich was in the living room watching TV while the girl slept, and realized he could masturbate in the living room. He was worried about Sara waking up and walking in to him in the middle of the act. Rich found a way to make sure Sara doesn’t walk in on him – he focused Emmy’s baby monitor on Sara so that he can make sure that she’s still asleep while he’s masturbating. If he sees her get up, he can hide everything in time before she gets to the living room.