Covino & Rich Show Recap: 8-2-17

Covino & Rich –  Wednesday, 8/2/17

Show Topics

  • The Art’s test – Covino is a sucker for beautiful women, he developed a test will help determine how down to earth she is. Based off of the car test and the Mario test in A Bronx Tale – Covino is going to start taking women he’s dating to this diner by his place called Art’s after a few dates. If she isn’t down or seems like she’s too good for the diner, she has to go. Rich has his own test, the hibachi test, if she isn’t having fun an hibachi then she has to go. Listeners call in to give their own character indicators.
  • C&R aren’t vibing today – Rich brings up a story he saw online about Sharknado. Apparently President Trump accepted the role of the president in Sharknado 3 but shortly thereafter started seriously considering running for president so backed out. To detract from Rich’s bad story, Spot brought up a story about Bieber quitting  his tour and now wants to open his own church. Following that, Rich pulls up a viral video of a guy looping himself playing Despacito on the piano – Covino doesn’t get it. To save it, Spot pulls up the Asian girl looping herself on the Back to the Future theme.





  • The ultimate relationship betrayal – Rich was getting his hair cut and the woman who cuts his hair told Rich that her husband has watched all seasons of Game of Thrones. She had no idea! How has he watched all seven seasons and not told her?! She didn’t even know he liked GOT. Are you supposed to decide on starting shows together as a couple? C&R both agree that you at least talk about starting a new show together, and if one person isn’t into it then they can watch it on their own.
  • Chasing the dollar or the dream? – Covino’s brother, Tommy is 24 years old. He got into real estate and he just can’t do it anymore. He isn’t enjoying his job and has asked Covino for some help. Does Covino stick his neck out for him? He kind of has to but Covino told Tommy years ago that this job path wasn’t for him. Covino’s dad says that Tommy needs to put a year into the job he is in to see how he really feels about it. Tommy has the potential to make a lot of money if he puts in the work. Does Tommy chase the dollar or chase the dream? C&R give their thoughts on what they think Tommy should do and listeners call in with their own advice as well. Covino thinks Tommy should stick with what he’s doing and work on what he really wants on the side.