Covino & Rich Show Recap: 8-1-17

Covino & Rich –  Tuesday, 8/1/17

Show Topics

  • Rich took Piper for a walk – Rich took his dog for a nice long walk and Rich witnessed the most intense moment of a couple fighting in the street. The guy was yelling at the woman about leaving the door open and the dog got out. He was yelling insults at her and threatening to dump her if they couldn’t find the dog. The woman was so unconcerned and letting the insults roll off her back. Rich being the nosy person he is, inserted himself and asked what kind of dog they were looking for and said he would keep an eye out for it while he walked Piper. It now became Rich’s mission to find the dog and be the hero of the story. Rich clearly has issues.
  • Cubs offer Steve Bartman a world series ring – he releases a statement how he accepts it on behalf of ending the scapegoating in sports, they owe him for all the mental trauma he’s endured since 2003


  • MTV attempting to make a comeback – MTV has announced that they will be bring back TRL but will they be able to recapture the same magic that it once had? MTV in a move to be more inclusive are renaming the “Moon Man” award as the “Moon Person.” Everyone agrees that this is the saddest attempt at being relevant. Rich agrees that it is lame and an obvious attempt to bring in a younger generation however from a marketing stand point it makes sense. They are trying to bring in a younger audience, and with that comes the need to market to the demographic. With younger generations being concerned about inclusion vs exclusion, it could be successful. Spot and Covino still think it is a pathetic attempt and just plain stupid.


  • Scratch it off the list – Random headlines that caught the attention of C&R Schreiber’s son dressed as Harley Quinn, Chris Christie and Nacho-gate – he gets in the face of a heckler, Donald Trump saying “billions” a billion times, and an old video making the rounds again of a woman asking people to scream into a microphone but at the last minute she switches the mic with a black dildo.


  • Rich’s crusade against grumpiness – Rich doesn’t understand why people are eternally grumpy. Everyone online has something to complain about. A listener posted about his annoyance toward a friend who created a Facebook page for their unborn child and are posting sonograms and other baby related things. Especially with social media, Covino understands how oversharing and the constant bombardment of happiness and sharing can be annoying. Rich is on the opposite side of the spectrum, he is overly happy about everything. Covino points out that most people fall somewhere in the middle. Spot thinks that sometimes Rich’s happy and kindness is disingenuous – he just wants people to like him. People just put too much energy into hating everything other people are doing.
  • Covino has a new test for women –  Back in the day it used to be the car from the famous scene in A Bronx Tale to see if a woman had good character. The guys have the hibachi test; if you take a woman to hibachi and she refuses to try to catch the food in her mouth – let her go. Rich invented the comedy club test which means if you take a woman to a comedy club and she isn’t laughing – dumb her. There’s a new test in town for Covino, it’s called the Art’s test. Dating in Los Angeles is tough already, there’s always a new trendy place to eat at or to go to. Art’s is a small, run down diner near Covino’s house but the food, atmosphere, and service is amazing, making it a great experience. If a woman is too cool for Art’s, she’s too cool for Covino!