Covino & Rich Show Recap: 7-27-17

Covino & Rich –  Thursday, 7/27/17


Paula Garces – here to promote season 6 of TNT show, Major Crimes and her comic book series “Aluna”


Show Topics

  • Time change announcement – C&R are moving to a new time slot, 8 a.m. – 11 a.m. Pacific. Jason Ellis spilled the beans for them this morning. C&R are very excited to be airing at this time and they are happy to be airing after Jim & Sam. After all the bouncing around, they feel like they are finally on a channel and time slot that makes sense. Listeners call in to share their excitement for the time change and how happy they are for C&R. Overall, listeners seem to be on board with the change.
  • Paula Garces in studio – Paula joins C&R to promote her role on the latest season of TNT show, Major Crimes and her comic book series “Aluna.” She talks about her Latina superhero character, how it was created, the success, her experience at Comic Con, and where she wants to go next with the series. The guys ask her about work with Danny Trejo, what she’s watching her on Netflix, and how she married her one night stand.
  • Donald Trump on banning transgender citizens from serving in the miliary – Rich thinks it is terrible to announce that transgender military members will be banned from the military. Both C&R agree that anyone who agrees with this should be forced to serve. Will those who are already in the military get discharged? C&R discuss the debate with transgender citizen serving, why someone may have a problem with it, and Spot chimes in with his thoughts. Listeners who agree with the ban call in the offer their perspective on why they think the ban is a good thing.


  • Blow jobs in random places – a video resurfaced on the internet of a woman giving a Denny’s employee a blow job as a tip. The employee agrees and the woman takes his pants off and her friends film it. Another video surfaced over the last few days of a woman giving and Uber driver a blow job in an Uber pool. What’s wrong with these people? The woman wasn’t even in her own Uber, but in an Uber pool with strangers in the back seat.




  • Ohio State Fair accident – A ride malfunctioned and fell. One 18 year old died, and two people are in critical condition. The ride was inspected multiple times and signed off on. What a horrible accident, what are the odds of this happening. The teenager that died had just graduated from high school and was about to head off to basic training. C&R watch the video to see what happened. No one thinks that this will happen to them. Listeners who have had dangerous experiences with carnival rides call in to share their horrific stories.