Covino & Rich Show Recap: 7-19-17

Covino & Rich –  Wednesday, 7/19/17

Show Topics

  • Gross public grooming habits – Rich saw a Facebook post about someone clipping their fingernails on the train. Is that the most disgusting thing ever? Covino thinks there’s something seriously wrong with people who groom themselves in public. Spot mentions the video of the woman who was eating the dead skin from her feet on a train. People are disgusting.
  • Casual Dickie – Rich is a bit out of control with his wardrobe. He has come to work in shorts and flip flops for the last two weeks. Rich points out that they don’t run into anyone by the time they come in. Jason Ellis happens to be listening and calls in to comment. He thinks Covino and Spot need to chill out, they work in the most relaxed environment. Ellis thinks that everyone Maybe Rich has more in common with Jason Ellis than anyone else. Covino and Spot continue to argue that the casual attitude has to have a line.


  • Mistakes when applying for jobs – a listener mentioned all of the incorrect things she sees when people are applying for jobs. A lot of people don’t understand that resumes need to  be no more than a page rather than two or three – not all of your experience matters for every job. it is important to tailor your resume to the particular job you are applying for.
  • Friend in need – A listener reaches out asking for advice. His question has to do with helping a relative get a job but once you see their resume you realize you shouldn’t vouch for them. How do you handle this? Spot says every man for themselves. Rich and Covino both say they would tell someone that they will do their best to get their resumes into the right hands but that’s it. Both C&R look at the times they tried getting their friends jobs and how it went completely south. Do you lie to spare someone’s feelings or are you honest with them and tell them that they aren’t fit for the recommendation?
  • Scratching things off Covino’s list – How do you address your in-laws when they are being disrespectful to your wife? What concert are you embarrassed to say you paid for? 50 cent in the news for posting a picture of McGregor knocked out and YouTuber slob stuns fans by letting her best friend sleep with her boyfriend while she films, Woman got fed up with her husband looking at porn snapchats so she shared a photo of herself naked as revenge, and viral gender reveal.


  • Tips on how to make sure a threesome doesn’t go bad – you can’t be trying to convince someone, everyone has to be willing to participate. Make sure you have the right intentions and that you are in a solid relationship. Set boundaries ahead of time so that there are no surprises. Discuss what you do if someone wants to stop, choose a stranger as the third party, watch porn for inspiration, stay away from alcohol, don’t be afraid to bring toys, and pick the space carefully so you aren’t interrupted. Make sure you are all attracted to each other and compatible and feel free to be left out at some point.