Covino & Rich Show Recap: 7-18-17

Covino & Rich –  Tuesday, 7/18/17


Sarah Chalke & Chris Parnell promoting the third season of Adult Swim’s Rick and Morty

Show Topics

  • Comfort level with your partner – Rich found a list online of gross things people do in relationships and he wanted to know how many of the things on the list Spot does with his wife. Spot has done most of the things on the list, and he finds nothing wrong with it. Spot thinks that it’s completely weird that C&R aren’t comfortable to do certain things in front of their partners.
  • Sarah Chalke & Chris Parnell stop by to promote the upcoming season of Rick and Morty. They discuss what roles they wish they weren’t recognized for, tattoos & piercings, the body of work between the both of them and Parnell’s arm that’s in a sling due to a recent surgery. Sarah shares how she got involved in voice acting and Chris’ extensive voice acting career. Rick and Morty season 3 premieres July 30th on Adult Swim.
  • Shaking things up in the bedroom – Spot happened to mention that his wife has always been interested in butt play with him – it becomes a hot topic for the guys. Is Spot going to let Kristen do things to him? Spot isn’t opposed to trying new things with his wife. Covino’s stubbornness comes through in this subject, he refuses to ever try anything involving butt play – he knows he wouldn’t like it. Rich wonders how Covino would know if he’s never tried it. Rich hates that Covino is so adamant about disliking things he has never tried – he’s a prude.
  • Woman shot while standing next to a police car – a woman called the cops because she heard a disturbance. Once the cops arrived, she went outside to speak with the cops and she gets shot standing next to the cop car. The family is asking for answers, no one knows how this happened and won’t say anything about what happened during the exchange. Spot thinks it’s a cover up – he thinks that the disturbance she reported involved the cops.


  • Blowing up a friend’s spot – Covino, his old friend Al, and Al’s girlfriend went to a show. They were talking about the good old days and Covino happened to mention when Al used to have a mustache. At the mention of his mention, Al immediately tried to signal Covino to stop talking about his mustache. Covino blew up Al’s spot completely on accident – his girlfriend immediately start asking to see pictures. C&R look back at the times they accidentally got caught in their own lies. If you’re going to lie, everyone has to be on the same page. Most of their stories are ones of lying to women they were dating.
  • Ending up with the wrong person – Rich has been watching Friends from College and one of the story lines is two of the characters having an affair while they are both married. It made Rich think about everyone who ends up with the wrong person. Covino mentions that they aren’t necessarily with the wrong person but sometimes things change. Do you leave your spouse and be with the person you’ve been cheating with? Is that selfish or do you continue to cheat and lie? C&R discuss people cheating in their relationships, what the right thing to do it, how people rationalize their behaviors, and how many marriages are a result of pregnancy or ultimatums.