Covino & Rich Show Recap: 7-14-17

Covino & Rich –  Friday, 7/14/17

Show Topics

  • Rich craves shenanigans – he’s hoping spot is put in a situation where his good guy ways are tested, they realized in Vegas that he’s a party star with women and it’s only a matter of time before he’s put in that situation, spot doesn’t see what they see, Covino agrees with Rich that he’s a completely different guy these days and being confident will get him in trouble, Spot didn’t get any vibes in Vegas
  • More Mayweather/McGregor – Spot is so sick of hearing about this fight. The guys discuss McGregor’s latest antics saying that he is half black. There is now a conspiracy about Mayweather and McGregor having traveled to London together. Covino thinks that Spot is ruining the fun. Covino points out that this is part of the deal, and the low blows are fun to see.


  • There is a meme that has bemuffled Rich – Someone posted a meme with four photos, asking which photo you could do without forever. The options were beer, sex, football, and steak. Covino and Rich think the obvious answer is beer. Spot argues that football would need to go. Rich wants to end the conversation because not everyone agrees with him. Listeners call in to give their choices.


  • C&R annual road trip – Rich wants to talk about the road trip. They are definitely doing the road trip and will be driving through the Midwest this year. The guys discuss cities they want to visit, where they should start, stop and what the best route will be. Spot really wants to start in Canada because the turn out in Canada was great last year. Listeners call in with their suggestions and C&R debate on what their route should look like.
  • Strip club shenanigans – After yesterday’s Las Vegas recap, a listener wanted to know if anyone could beat his strip club record. Covino paid two $36 fees at the ATM while at the strip club. The C&R listener spent $2500 at a strip club once but on top of that suffered from credit card fraud so was set back $7000 total. Rich thinks he has spent the least amount of money in the strip club out of everyone in the room. Spot and Covino thinks Rich is a liar because he has probably frequented strip clubs the most out of everyone. Rich swears the Covino falls in love in the strip club once every 5 years