Covino & Rich Show Recap: 7-13-17

Covino & Rich –  Thursday, 7/13/17

Show Topics

  • C&R back from Las Vegas – It was a weekend full of shenanigans. It was fun weekend, Spot and Covino pulled two all-nighters and Rich has major FOMO. Rich hosted the Hooters International Pageant and Covino was a judge. There were a lot of hot women around and Rich can’t believe that Covino didn’t take some of the opportunities presented to him. Rich also analyzes Spot’s behavior – he’s noticed that women were all over him the entire weekend and thinks that Spot is going to put himself in a bad situation eventually. Spot has no idea what he is talking about. Rich wanted to be involved in all the shenanigans. It was a good weekend.


  • ESPY’s – Peyton Manning was the highlight of the event. He was a great host. Manning’s jokes were great – especially his Kevin Durant comments and joke about the Falcons bot not paying attention. Covino watched the pre-show and think he and Rich could have killed it and done a great job as hosts. Covino also pointed out how great Aaron Rodgers looks; his breakup with Olivia Munn has done him good.



  • Mayweather vs. McGregor – Spot thinks everyone is underestimating Mayweather’s abilities. McGregor’s trash talk to so intense and it can’t sit well with Mayweather. C&R discuss the spectacle of the press conference and how it seems to be exceeding people’s expectations. Rich doesn’t think that it’s possible for Mayweather to lose this fight. Covino is loving the antics from McGregor and the high energy surround the fight.
  • Viral story of a woman taking a mental health day – C&R aren’t really sure why this story but people get fired up about it. Spot feels like this should have been a personal day. The woman went out of her way to position it as a mental health day. The guys agree that life happens and sometimes you need a bit of a refresher to come back 100% ready to work. In some ways they do think that people need to toughen up a bit and not take advantage of the system in place that give them sick days and personal days. The guys discuss how your type of job will also dictate how necessary it is for you to take your mental health day and how actual mental illness plays a role.