Covino & Rich Show Recap: 7-7-17

Covino & Rich –  Friday, 7/7/17

Show Topics

  • Rich’s porn star encounter – Rich went to Orange Theory this morning. He thinks he spotted a porn star in his class. He spent the whole time distracted, he wanted to leave the class to double check on his phone to see if it was actually her. The guys take a look back at the other times that had random and strange celebrity sightings and listeners call in


  • Fred Savage – Fred Savage made headlines this week because of his new Netflix show, Friends From College. According to co-stars, Savage refuses to socialize off-set with anyone. No one can get Savage to come out with them. What are the pros and cons of mingling with his co-stars? Rich is someone who gets invested in the people he’s around constantly, Covino on the other hand never wanted to socialize with his coworkers. Covino is there to work, not to be friends. He believes in the professional and person separation.


  • Friend in need – Listener has been with his wife for a long time. Things got a little rocky a few years ago to the point of separation but eventually got back together. The listener is a truck driver and on the road a lot, putting a lot of distance between him and his wife. Things are really tough when he is gone but when he is home things are great. He doesn’t really know how to deal with the relationship when they are on the road. Covino is convinced that he needs to fix the distance issue, other than that they find it difficult to offer any real advice so C&R solicit their listeners to help them out.
  • Weirdest dating trend – Rich and Sara have noticed a possible new dating trend from three different people they know that all live in different parts of the country. These couples that they have heard about are in a relationship with another couple. It’s not only an open relationship or swinging but they all go on dates together and their children spend time together too. The guys find this to be the strangest thing ever. How would anyone be okay with this kind of thing? If there was anyone in the group to try this it would be Spot, but he is not on board.
  • Random headlines – Man spends 50k on over 100 procedures to have himself turned into an alien, a bride plans on a grand entrance with a helicopter but the helicopter crashed killing her and her brother, Man legally changes his last name to Trump because he believes Donald Trump is his father, Female tennis player injured so bad on the court that you can hear her screaming for help, the woman with the most beautiful butt in China, Men should masturbate 21 times a month, Eminem shouts out 50 cent, and how white is Spot?