Covino & Rich Show Recap: 7-6-17

Covino & Rich –  Thursday, 7/6/17

Show Topics

  • C&R spot Kesha – C&R have an inside joke surrounding the Seinfeld/Kesha hug incident and she happened to be right outside of their studio. Rich tried to convince Spot to go give her hug in the middle of her interview she was doing but he wouldn’t do it. Since Spot wouldn’t do it, Rich did and he got a hug from Kesha. She was really nice to him and didn’t deny him a hug in the middle of her interview.


  • Spot competed on Who Wants To Be A Millionaire – Right after their 4th of July activities, they took a night drive to Las Vegas. With the flow of traffic and Spot’s driving, they got to Vegas in 3 hour. It made them wonder why they don’t go more often. Spot signed a serious non-disclosure agreement, he can’t speak about the game play whatsoever. Spot tells us about his experience backstage. Rich was his plus one and the two of them were completely isolated until it was time to compete. Covino got to watch and actually met a couple of people who were listeners that came to see Spot. It was a really surreal experience and had a great time.


  • Sam Roberts – C&R are confused by their relationship about Sam Roberts. For some reason Sam never says anything nice about C&R on the air but personally he is nothing but nice to them. Listeners pointed out the Jim and Sam said something about them recently. Covino has no issues with Sam but doesn’t like the weasel-ly behavior. Spot thinks it’s all an on-air personality front, and he hates when people do that. Spot respects the work that Sam has put it towards his radio career – he has made a great name for himself but doesn’t like how nice he is in person but goes on radio and talks bad about them, it’s not cool. C&R call Sam on the air – they tell Sam that they feel like they are cool in person but not cool to them on air. C&R isn’t even on Sam’s radar, and says that he goes in to do the Jim & Sam show – not to talk about C&R the whole time. He has nothing against C&R.
  • The greatest excuse ever – A nurse with nothing but the best commendations failed a drug test. Her reason for failing the drug test was because she had unprotected, sweaty sex while on a vacation. The administration said the amount of semen that would be required to make her test positive would have had to been astronomically high. Just for semen alone, it would require half a liter for it come up on a drug test.


  • Random headlines – Baseball KKK incident, another flight disaster with a man being restrained by passengers, exploding implants, dead body found in a Texas river that Rich has frequented, girl replaced her prom date in all of her photos with photos of Ryan Reynolds after a break up.