Covino & Rich Show Recap: 6-30-17

Covino & Rich –  Friday, 6/30/17



Show Topics

  • Mike Myers impersonating the host of The Gong Show – How does nobody else see it? It is insane to Spot that no one recognizes him. Covino and Rich both don’t see it, especially in a quick commercial for the show it’s not that obvious. Spot points out the Mike Meyers has made a career out of impersonating and wearing fat suits, his mind is blown that no one else sees it.


  • Covino went to see Stone Sour – Stone Sour played at The Troubador in Los Angeles. It’s a tiny venue for a band like this with no bad seat in the house. The show was the album release party and will stream on Octane on the 4th of July. Covino loved the show, he met up with some listeners, Octane people, and other SXM employees. Corey Taylor puts on a great show with this band but in a different way. The guys mention how a lot of 90’s bands and what 90’s line up they would like to see.
  • Rich’s deep thought – In a superficial city like Los Angeles, you see tons of women with botox, lip injections, fillers, etc… Is it safe to say that these women who are all put together that they have the best vaginas? Spot says no – you can’t control anatomy. Rich wants to know if women are just as conscious about their vaginas as they are about the rest of themselves. Rich doesn’t think that there are women who are all put together walking around with a bad vagina. Covino doesn’t get why Rich makes that automatic assumption, it makes no sense to him. Listeners call in with their vagina stories, sharing more than they should about the vaginas they’ve come into contact with.
  • Pirates of the Caribbean – Disney to make changes to the Pirates of the Caribbean. Disney will be removing the wench auction for the ride. It is being removed because it is sexist. Covino just mentions that it is the sign of the times. Rich points out that they changed the Song of the South on Splash Mountain because it was really racist. Covino actually supports this seeing that the world is changing and the way women are being treated is changing as well.
  • Back to the smutty talk – a listener was having a conversation with a woman about masturbation. Our listener was wondering about whether or not women get the remorseful feeling men get after masturbating. Covino has never thought about it but he does understand this sense of shame that men get. Female listeners chime in with their feelings on masturbation and some say they do not get that shameful feeling and one says she was only guilty when she was a teenager. At the end of the segment it’s safe to say that it is really dependent on each woman.