Covino & Rich Show Recap: 6-16-17

Covino & Rich –  Friday, 6/16/17

Show Topics

  • Today is the day Rich comes clean – Today is the day the Rich has to admit he has a drug problem. They had a big meeting today and everything was going well and out of nowhere Rich went into a high speed freak out. There was a solid 10 to 15 minutes where no one could get a word in. He was talking so fast and bouncing off the walls. Rich did not stop talking or pick up on any of the social cues. Everyone in the meeting noticed that something was completely off. Rich has no recollection of this happening, he had some sort of black out. Spot swears that one of the cookies Rich ate was laced with cocaine.


  • Wedding gifts – Tata isn’t sure what to get her friends that just got married. They already live together so they don’t need home gifts. C&R hands down recommend that she give them cash. The guys point out that wedding gifts are very regional – on the east coast, cash is king for wedding gifts. Listeners give their feedback on what to give as a gift for newlyweds.
  • Zima comeback – Is this really coming back? Zima is popping up all over social media. Zima is back on the shelves for just the summer. The guys look back at when they were younger and Zima was the only things they could get their hands on or afford.
  • People are stupid – Covino read a study proving that Americans believe that chocolate milk comes from brown cows. Where does the stupidity end? 7% of Americans are that dumb. What is your dumb confession that you are willing to admit on the air? Rich’s dumb confession is that he didn’t know pickles were just pickled cucumber, Tata didn’t know that a bull is just a male cow, a listener didn’t know what Cinco De Mayo was, another listener didn’t know why people kept talking about the “Youths in Asia” (euthanasia), Covino told his brother Tommy that Redbox had midgets working in them – and he believed it, and Spot thought Montessori was a restaurant.


  • Michael Phelps racing a shark – Great Gold vs Great White will premiere during this summer’s shark week. It will feature Michael Phelps racing a great white shark. There is no word on how he will race the shark exactly. Sharks swim at more than 30 miles an hour and Phelps swims at 6 miles per hour – the guys can’t wait to see how it turns out.