Covino & Rich Show Recap: 6-13-17

Covino & Rich –  Tuesday, 6/13/17


DJ Vice – friend of the show, promoting his SXM show, Vegas residency, web series and new music


Show Topics

  • Congrats Golden State Warriors!! LeBron and the Cavs have some work to do but last night’s game was extremely well played by the Warriors.
  • Superhero movies – a listener pointed out the C&R aren’t into superhero/comic book films. Listeners responded that they think it’s a bit weird that there is no interest there. Both Covino and Spot agree that a lot of these superhero franchise fans that are also into the comics are a little too fanatical. The superheroes never caught the attention of any of these guys. They prefer thought provoking movies and the action franchises. For whatever reason, the superhero genre doesn’t draw their interest. It has to do with growing up and what you identified with as a kid, for C&R it wasn’t superheroes or comics.
  • DJ Vice in studio – longtime friend and listener of the show, Vice stops in to talk about his Electric Tacos web series, being Latino and not speaking Spanish, how he started DJing and working with high profile artists. DJ Vice shares some details on his next single “Piñata” that will feature two artists signed by Pharrell.

    He talks about his residencies all over the country, hook up culture in the club and the DJ’s that inspired him growing up. Being that Vice is deep in the club culture, C&R go over a list of what millennial women look for in men with him to see if he can confirm the accuracy based off of what he sees in the club. The list suggests that women are now looking for the nice guy to date


  • Nanny controversy – Picking up the conversation from yesterday, the guys discuss Rich needing a nanny. Rich thinks that him and Sara need someone to come by a couple hours every now in then to let Sara have time to herself to do whatever she needs to do. A lot of controversy lies in the definition of a nanny, but at the end of the day Rich just wants someone to be able to relieve them for a little bit. Spot points out that for Rich, a nanny is a luxury. Rich has a schedule that allows him to take care of the baby during the day if Sara needs to go out and get thing done and Sara is not working. It’s hard for Spot to understand why he would pay someone when the two are more than capable of having the time. Rich wants to make clear that he not trying to pawn of parenting duty – he just wants to be able to have time with Sara and for Sara to have time to herself. At the end of the day, you have to do what works for you.