Covino & Rich Show Recap: 6-12-17

Covino & Rich –  Monday, 6/12/17

Show Topics

  • The Keepers – Rich finally watched The Keepers on Netflix and thought it was really good. He is amazed that how easily things were covered up back then. Covino is glad that Rich finally watched it because Covino is so intrigued by the story. Rich points out a few moments that stood out to him and the guys discuss the premise of the docu-series while trying not to give away too much. When wrapping up the conversation, Rich wants to know if Covino has any idea who killed Sister Cathy, Covino has no idea. The series created more questions.


  • Covino’s dad life – Covino says the part of the fun of being a parent is sharing something with your child that meant a lot you you. He’s tried this before with Goonies and it was a fail, but this weekend he introduced Karate Kid to his daughter and he loved it. It made him so happy. Covino also took his daughter to see Captain Underpants too, and they loved it.
  • Amber Rose Instagram controversy – Amber Rose posted a nude photo of herself on Instagram and it was taken down. In the photo she is unshaven and the guys are disgusted. Covino hopes that women not shaving/waxing their vaginas doesn’t become a trend again. Amber Rose argues that she wasn’t naked because you can’t see her vagina. People started posting their own fake nudes calling it the Amber Rose Challenge.


  • Bachelor In Paradise – Corinne from the most recent Bachelor is on Bachelor in Paradise and so is DeMario from the most current Bachelorette. DeMario was on The Bachelor while he had a girlfriend – he got caught by the bachelorette and kicked off the show. Corinne claims that she was in a blackout state when she got sexual with DeMario. Corinne blames producers for not pulling the plug and not protecting her while they were filming. People say that she was completely lucid, but she claims that she has no recollection. They stopped production of the show. Was she really sexually assaulted? It’s hard to tell with cases like this. Spot hates to say it but based off of what people have seen and know of Corinne – he thinks she saw the footage of herself and wanted to save face. It’s very tricky situation and the guys wonder how it will all play out.


  • Friend in need – Listener Ryan reaches out looking for advice. He’s been single for a little while and decided to try online dating. He met someone and they hit it off, they talked nonstop for a week and went on a date that went great. She had to cancel on their second date and aren’t talking as much. What does he do? Rich thinks this guy is overthinking it. Spot thinks he’s being a bit presumptuous, he’s automatically thinking that something went wrong but they only just met. Rich thinks that something may have happened – if they really did hit it off on the date, she wouldn’t be acting like this. A bunch of different things
  • Controversial post on the C&R Facebook about nannies – Last week Rich mentioned on the air that he is looking for a nanny. Spot doesn’t think he needs a nanny. Rich thinks they need a nanny because they don’t have family out here in Los Angeles. He wants to find someone reliable. A listener posted on the Facebook page about Rich’s need for a nanny – Fabian has a friend who is just like Rich, makes enough money to support his wife and she doesn’t have to work. Fabian thinks it’s ridiculous that his friend is looking for nanny when his wife doesn’t work. Fabian compares his friend for Rich, there is no need for a nanny. The conversation turns into what the definition of a nanny is.