Covino & Rich Show Recap: 6-9-17

Covino & Rich –  Friday, 6/9/17

Show Topics

  • Being out of the loop – Rich was recording his tracks for Hits 1 and someone else who works in the building overheard him. In his break, Rich was talking about the Chainsmokers and the fellow employee asked who they were. Rich could not believe that he had no idea who the Chainsmokers were Rich even played a few songs by them and he had never any of them. It’s amazing to Rich that someone could be so far out of the loop.
  • Covino shares new music – Covino asks Rich what song he thinks of when he thinks of Linkin Park. C&R delve into what the biggest Linkin Park songs were and discuss their latest record. After going back and forth in disagreement about the top Linkin Park only to end with a terrible cover of “Numb” by Tongo. Rich can’t believe they had a legitimate music conversation only to have it end in this stupid cover.


  • Nos Amis – Jesse Hughes and Josh Homme relationship, Covino observed on the Eagles of Death Metal documentary that the 2 guys shared a bond that Covino has never had with another guy, he wants that out of life from someone, Rich isn’t going to be the one to give it to him





  • Dad Life – Rich’s dadlife update, he doesn’t quite feel the connection yet that people say they have immediately with their kid, other people have hit him up and said they feel the same way, Rich is excited for when he can interact with his kid and play around, right now he’s just spending time at home and making sure Sara is ok
  • Gift from beyond the grave – A video of a kid getting a gift from his father who had passed has gone viral. The kid and his family were at a store, and was given a card that was from his father. The kid showed no emotion from the card, but then the employees of the store hand the kid a gift. The gift was an great guitar and the kid completely loses it. The guys thought that it was really sweet and teared up a bit.

  • A friend in need – A listener reaches out asking about how to be single and stay happy. When you are fresh out of a relationship all you can focus on is what you’ve lost. Rich thinks that if you manage to stay single for a long time – you must have some sort of loner tendencies. Spot disagrees, sometimes need to be single after a breakup. Straying away from the original question of the listeners Covino, Rich, and Spot argue about staying single, how to do it, and whether or not you should stay single. Listeners call in to give their best advice on how to stay single and happy after being in a relationship.