Covino & Rich Show Recap: 6-8-17

Covino & Rich –  Thursday, 6/8/17

Show Topics

  • Bill Cosby trial – Bill Cosby’s trial started a few days ago. Cosby’s defense is that these women willingly took pills from him. It doesn’t excuse his behavior but Covino does think that it was silly for these women to take pills from another person. Rich points out that everyone trusted Bill Cosby, it made no sense to not trust him – he was an American icon. Part of Cosby’s defense also points out that now he is completely blind back in the 80s his sight was poor and couldn’t always tell what he was giving women. Rich found a story on a crime website there were tons of signs that Cosby was.


  • Golden State Warriors – Could they possibly be the best team of all time? If they keep doing what they’re doing, they may be unbeatable. Lebron gave it his all last night and it wasn’t enough – they couldn’t have done anything more, it’s demoralizing. Golden State scored 11 points at the last minute crushing the Cavs.
  • Soundtrack songs – On a throwback Thursday, the guys play “The Best Around.” The song was originally made for Rocky but was used in Karate Kid. Rich thinks the song would have been so much cooler if the song was used in Rocky. Covino and Spot think Rich has lost it – “The Best Around” is a great song in Karate Kid and would have been just as great in Rocky. The guys discuss other great soundtrack songs from when they were growing up.


  • It’s time to go into mourning – It’s Kanye’s birthday today and Kim Kardashian was seen in a snapchat. It looks like her butt has deflated. She looks like a normal person! Covino is terribly upset – they should all be in mourning. Rich is convinced that it is not her butt. Last year, Kim Kardashian admitted to but injections that were supposed to help with a health issue.


  • The rudest man alive – There is man who makes his date leave 10 minutes into the dinner if he isn’t into her. He will ask the woman to leave so that he doesn’t have to buy her dinner. The guys think this is completely awful – however, Spot isn’t opposed to it. He got stuck on a terrible date once refused to keep spending money on the girl. Spot doesn’t think you should have to waste any time on a terrible date


  • Underboob – Rich was on TMZ seeing what was going on in the gossip world and he clicked on a link for a game called “Guess the Underboob.” The game made Rich think about what the money shot is right now for women who aren’t necessarily famous. What pose is the hottest? The guys sift through poses that show off the underboob, under-butt, sideboob, etc.
  • News Alerts – Jerry Seinfeld explains why he refused to hug Kesha, and Donald Glover announces that he will not continue as Childish Gambino