Covino & Rich Show Recap: 6-7-17

Covino & Rich –  Wednesday, 6/7/17

Show Topics

  • Mike Schmidt in the news – doesn’t think you can build a team around a guy who can’t speak English. The lack of communication could make the team suffer. C&R both agree that Schmidt made a good observation but that the language barrier shouldn’t affect the team that much. Covino feels bad because Schmidt is an old school guy that was crucified because of his comment


  • Jerry Seinfeld disses Kesha – Kesha interrupts an interview with Jerry Seinfeld. She goes up to him and says hi and asks for a hug and he says no to it. She keeps asking and he keeps saying no. He had no idea who she was – but wished her the best. Rich doesn’t know any grown man that would know who Kesha is. Spot mentions that Seinfeld is a notoriously a germpahobe and probably didn’t want some random person’s germs. C&R bring up their favorite disses of all time from celebrities.


  • Tata went on a date – After going on a date, Tata made an observation. It was the first time she had gone on a date with someone who was an actual adult. In a turn of events the guy she went out with has his life together and was impressed. She is used to dating guys her age that are typical 20-something year old’s that are still figuring themselves out. Moral of the story – making sure you are career driven and put together will make a world of a difference when trying to impress a girl
  • Covino saw a story about a woman who pretended to be blind for 28 years which begs the question, what lies have you had to keep up for long periods of time? Covino shares a story of everyone heading back to a friend’s place after a drunken night out. Covino for some reason thought he would tell a friend that he saw him with his pants down in the bedroom with a guy. To this day, no one has told this guy that it was a total lie. Rich had friends who convinced another friend that he cheated on his fiancé. His friend’s fiancé was ready to call off the wedding and everything – this friend that they pranked still thinks he cheated. Listeners call in with their long lasting lies and share their stories


  • New Alerts – C&R are trend setters – the viral picture of Hillary Duff and Buffalo Bills corner back takes an Uber from Chicago to New York for a voluntary practice