Covino & Rich Show Recap: 6-6-17

Covino & Rich –  Tuesday, 6/6/17


Matt Iseman – promoting season 9 of American Ninja Warrior


Show Topics

  • Covino’s butt hurts – Covino woke up with pain in his butt and has no idea why. Could it be hemorrhoids? He doesn’t even know how you get hemorrhoids – Covino isn’t sure what to do and plans to ask Matt Iseman when he sits down. Listeners call in to give him advice. Rich thinks it just another moment that they share in their lives that they get to share with everyone.
  • Matt Iseman in studio – Covino asks Matt, who is a doctor, about his butt pain. Iseman encourages him to go see a doctor. The guys discuss his win on Celebrity Apprentice, the other contestants, working with Arnold and how difficult the whole process was. It was nice to get to know everyone and realize that even though there were these huge stars on the show, they really are just people that come from their own struggles. The new season of American Ninja Warrior premieres Monday, June 12th and has obstacles inspired by fans.
  • Spot auditioned for Who Wants To Be A Millionaire – One time Rich’s dad auditioned for it too. It was a major fail – he never made it to the audition because he punched the wrong address in his GPS. Spot’s audition went great. He took us through the process and how he advanced through all the stages of the audition. It is looking really good for Spot, he expects a call back from Millionaire to participate. The guys try to figure out who Spot will choose to phone a friend and what he will do when he wins his million!
  • Brett Phillips debut – Phillips, who is only known for his goofy laugh had a huge game yesterday. He got called up to the bigs yesterday and had his first MLB hit. Everyone wanted to get to know him and he shares a story about he grew up next to Macho Man Savage and play horse with him. The rest of the day there was nothing but his highlights on Sports Center and Covino thought it was hilarious to see Macho Man because he’s so out of place.


  • Dimitri the Stud – Covino saw an old video from 10 years ago that resurfaced and he loves it. It’s a video Dimitri the Stud leaving a message on someone’s voicemail. It is a voicemail with every possible pick up tactic, degrading her, giving her ultimatums, etc…Rich hates this guy, Covino thinks it’s hilarious. It’s funny because these are things guys do regularly without thought and this man clearly had to learn these things and he just sucks at it. Spot thinks there’s a method to the madness unfortunately, some girls fall for this kind of thing. Rich says it’s so sad and just wants to stop talking about Dimitri. He is truly the worst.


  • Drunk Philly reporter – girls go off on a drunken rant outside a Philly comedy club, she’s a local reporter, mouths off to a cop and then tries to spit on a guy and gets arrested, Rich loves her