Covino & Rich Show Recap: 6-5-17

Covino & Rich –  Monday, 6/5/17

Show Topics

  • Rich overheard something he wasn’t supposed to hear and it was cringe worthy – Sara’s mother was on the phone with her husband catching up. Rich had bought her a firestick and Spot was putting a bunch of movies and television shows on it. She was excited and telling her husband about the firestick. Her husband made a comment about his own stick that was waiting for her back home while the phone was on speaker. Rich and Sara had to pretend like they didn’t hear it but they are so embarrassed. Listeners call in with their own cringe worthy and embarrassing moments of overhearing.
  • DBC update – The guys have decided on their events for the DBC this year. Events will include a Yankees game, a night booze cruise, a fish bowl event at SXM headquarters and performance by Ticklesack, a big Friday night party, and Central Park softball. Listeners will be able to sign up for their events this week. All the details at
  • Toys that were so cool when you were young that you could never get rid of – The other day, Covino saw a cool kids toy called Jabbi Gloves. It made Covino think of the toys he could never get rid of. Even now he still has a couple of boxes of his favorite toys in his parents attic. Rich can not relate to this at all. Rich did not keep any of his old toys, once he grew up he had no need to keep them. Covino’s corniest toy he kept was the Howdy Doody puppet.
  • Bill Maher – Bill Maher in the news for using the n-word during his show. The guys discuss whether or not what he said was actually offensive. Covino thinks that because of the context it was used in – it’s not that big of a deal. Maher should have avoided it but it was clearly meant as a joke. Spot is a little torn on how to approach this subject but doesn’t disagree with Covino. Maher is a comedian and was just using his quick wit. Rich thinks that in real life, the word should never be used but if it’s the comedy realm it should be okay.
  • What are millennials ruining now? – Millennials are ruining and killing mid-level restaurants like TGI Friday’s, Buffalo Wild Wings, Applebee’s, etc… Millennials just don’t care for these types of restaurants anymore. The younger generation prefers the more trendy spots and places that promote more healthy choices. For a little bit more money, these kids could get more of a fun and better quality experience.