Covino & Rich Show Recap: 6-1-17

Covino & Rich –  Thursday, 6/1/17

Show Topics

  • Big news in the realm of things Rich loves – When Covino thinks of Rich, he thinks of Rich’s love for Rick Moranis. The joke goes back to Rich loving My Blue Heaven and Covino hating it. Rick Moranis is making a comeback after being out of the business for 20 years. He’s coming back as a Mackenzie brother. He is already on the bill for a benefit show in Canada with some huge names opposite of him.


  • Barstool calls out Rihanna – Barstool posted an article that has since been taken down about an unflattering photo of Rihanna saying that she looked terrible and like she was pushing 180 pounds. Rihanna responded to the article, calling them sorry excuses for men. The guy who wrote the article was clearly writing for his audience and for publicity. This is a jump off point for addressing a close friend of relative that has had significant weight gain. Is it fat shaming if you point it out? The guys discuss how to go about addressing these issues with people you care about and how to come from a place of compassion and focus more on the health aspect of the



  • Things you thought were going to all the rage but fell through – The Brink on HBO, Kony 2012, Rich’s ex bought him a bunch of RUHLE shirts because she thought the brand would blow up – it didn’t, the Aztek, and the segway to name a few. The guys ask listeners to call in with their products they thought would be the next big thing but totally flopped. The guys reminisce on the times they bought into these new products only to regret their decisions when it flopped.



  • In the world of convenience – Seeing how people just don’t go shopping in stores anymore, how do stores keep up with the competitive delivery of companies like Amazon? Walmart has stepped up their game and is testing a new method of delivery. They are offering their employees overtime if they do a delivery after they clock out for the day. Rich thinks this is a really good idea because the employee can choose to pick up the overtime. This method is being tested in New Jersey and Arkansas and it seems to be going well. There is no word on whether or not this will be expanded to other states.
  • Friend in need – A long time listener reached out to the show for some advice. He is a non-sports guy but his son plays sports. Is it acceptable to bring a book with you and read when your kid isn’t on the field? He would rather make good use of his time when his kid isn’t on the field. In a unanimous decision, the guys agree that it is not acceptable to do this. There is no worst way to show your disinterest. The listener needs to show up and root for the other kids and make it clear that he wants to be there for his kid’s team.


  • Hollywood Medium with Tyler Henry – Yesterday after the show, the guys watched the replay episode of the reading with Alan Thicke. In the reading, Henry was extremely adamant about some sort of heart issue and Thicke seemed to dismiss it. Henry wouldn’t let the heart issue go to a point where it was kind of uncomfortable. The guys are amazed that this kid predicted the heart trouble. At first they couldn’t take the kid seriously, just based off of how he dressed and spoke, but by the end of the episode the guys were sold on Tyler Henry. They think it would be interesting to do a reading and then go back to it months later to see if anything they were told happened or came true.