Covino & Rich Show Recap: 5-31-17

Covino & Rich –  Wednesday, 5/31/17

Show Topics

  • Kathy Griffin controversy – Kathy Griffin’s photo shoot with beheaded Donald Trump. The guys discuss the controversy and her being fired by CNN. Rich mentions that everyone has the right to free speech but not without repercussion. Covino points out that she’s a comedian and she did it for the shock factor. Trump thought her apology was disingenuous. It’s clear that she crossed a line – she had every right to do it but her employers don’t have deal with it. Listeners call in with their opinions on her actions and what they thought of her photo. Covino is a little surprised by the reactions though considering what we are exposed to on a daily basis.


  • Covfefe – Donald Trump tweeted last night and then deleted it, he had the typo “Covfefe” and the internet went crazy, generating a lot of crazy memes, we’re officially changing our name to the Covfefe and Rich Show


  • Ariel Winters from Modern Family – Rich wants to know why she is always making headlines and getting so much heat for her photos. Is it because she is on Modern Family? She is the nerdy kid in the show and the hot girl in real life. She looks great in her photos but people are always telling her to tone it down. It is a case of a 20 year old girl coming into her own when she’s living in Hollywood and just trying to grow up. It is a problem people have with her that she has to take on as one of her own.



  • Social media flirt games – what does it mean when a girl goes back deep into your social media from weeks or months ago? Covino thinks that you must have been on the girl’s mind to go ahead and do that, it’s a flirty game. Rich doesn’t disagree, however Spot mentions that the algorithm to Instagram has changed so the “old” picture could have easily come up in her feed. Covino sticks to his theory of it being a version of flirting. Social media has created a whole new world of flirting and hitting on people.
  • The 425 pound 11 year old from Indonesia – This child weighs 30 stones. He is having trouble walking and being body shamed. He has been named the heaviest child in the world. Covino really believes that this is a form of child abuse. This child’s parents need to make a change to this poor child. Is it okay for anyone to point out the unhealthiness of your child? The guys agree that it’s a touchy subject making it difficult to approach. If you are an immediate family member then it gives you a little bit more leeway in the situation but no matter what, it will come off as arrogant.


  • Viral video of man proposing to his girlfriend playing flip cup – They met in college playing flip cup so he thought it was appropriate to propose in the same way. Covino thinks it’s a little lame. Covino never played flip cup or any of those lame drinking games in college. Rich and Spot are floored that he never played any drinking games. It wasn’t Covino’s style to play dumb drinking games. Rich and Spot rag on Covino for being lame, how on earth did he go to college and start a fraternity without participating in drinking games