Covino & Rich Show Recap: 5-30-17

Covino & Rich –  Tuesday, 5/30/17

Show Topics

  • Memorial Day – Rich felt like people were just waiting for other people to celebrate Memorial Day to complain. Should we really be celebrating on a day that is mean to honor those who serve? Rich doesn’t think people should be offended by that, and that everyone knows what the holiday is really about. Listeners who are veterans call in and give us their opinions on “Happy” Memorial Day. It doesn’t bother some but it does bother others. Ivanka Trump got heat for celebrating with her festive popsicles and Pitbull also got some backlash for his social media post.
  • Fart news – Rich has three items on his list about farting. He shares with Covino the viral video of the farting goat that scares a child, the doctor who pranks patients when they are in for a prostate exam, and a diarrhea incident that has shut down a Jacksonville, FL strip club. The last one was completely fake new, Rich pulled a Covino by reading it on the air for the first time.




  • Bryce Harper and Hunter Strickland brawl – The bad blood between the two baseball players came to a head when Strickland deliberately threw the ball at Harper. Harper lost it and a fight ensued and both teams ended up out on the field. Covino asks if Harper deserves to be suspended for sticking up for himself? Covino doesn’t think so, Strickland clearly aimed at Harper. Rich doesn’t necessarily agree with the suspension but they kind of had to.




  • Tiger Woods DUI – Rich wonders if this is really indicative of where he is in life. It is being called the greatest fall in sports history. The last time Tiger Woods won a major title was in 2008. The guys have trouble believing that Tiger Woods can come back from this but they hope he does. It is suspected that it was prescription medicine was the culprit because when he took the breathalyzer it didn’t seem he was under the influence of alcohol.



  • Rich is waging a war against white trash America – There are a couple white trash things that Rich cannot stand – people referring to the shocker as “two in the pink, one in the stink” and cargo shorts. Rich can understand the functionality of cargo shorts but still says no to them. People should not be wearing them. Listeners chime in with the white trash habits or trends they can’t stand. Rich’s war on cargo shorts falls short and he accepts his defeat.


  • Sleeping together on the first date – A listener asks if the guys slept with their wives on the first date. If you do sleep with your wife on the first date, is it a bad sign? Rich didn’t sleep with Sara on the first date, he had to work for it a little bit. Covino thinks that subconsciously it sends a bad signal. How do you decide how long to wait? It really depends on the couple and what they want to do. The guys understand that sometimes sleeping together on the first date works, but really they themselves can’t take a girl seriously if they sleep together right away.