Covino & Rich Show Recap: 5-26-17

Covino & Rich –  Friday, 5/26/17

Show Topics

  • Anniversary of when Canseco had a home run bounce off his head – Rich wonders if the Mark Sanchez butt fumble was worse. Listeners call in with their favorite sport blunders adding to the list of the biggest fails of all time. By the end of the topic, it has been decided that the worst sport blunder was the butt fumble.


  • Shannon Gunz stops by the studio to hang out – Shannon, Covino, and Spot were creeping on Instagram and Shannon shows them a picture of her hot friend. Covino was all about her hot friend until Shannon dropped the bomb – her friend used to date Axl Rose. Covino immediately cancelled her out. Why on earth would this hot girl in her 20s date Axl? C&R both agree that this is a major red flag. The guys think she dated him only because he was Axl Rose. Shannon defends her friend saying that there is no way to know that she wasn’t genuinely interested in him. The major age gap is weird and not for them. They recognize that there is a huge double standard because no one  is questioning why Axl dated such a young girl. Rich’s general rule in the matter is: Don’t date anyone who is the same age as your children.
  • Missing the mark – Rich found a list of funny stories of men missing the most obvious sexual advances and one of the stories is identical to one of Spot’s stories. The story on the list involved a woman telling a guy to take off his pants before she got on his bed, but he declined the invitation because his pants were clean. Spot did the exact same thing back in the day and missed an opportunity to get laid. Listeners call in with their best stories of missing sexual opportunities and Rich shares that one time an old coworker got in the way of a threesome and other dating mistakes he made.

  • Chris Cornell’s burial today – Chris Cornell was buried at Hollywood Forever Cemetery today  next to Johnny Ramone. Shannon was actually at the last show he performed the night he killed himself. Covino and Shannon were both really moved by Cornell’s death. All of Cornell’s family and friends were at the private service – including all of his bandmates and rock star friends.
  • News Alerts – Ben Stiller and his wife are separating after almost 20 years together, Ariana Grande releases an open letter to her fans after the Manchester attack, She will be returning to Manchester for a benefit show, and xHamster has launched an IndieGoGo campaign for a device they are developed that will shut down and minimize  your windows on your computer while you are watching porn if someone comes in the room.