Covino & Rich Show Recap: 5-25-17

Covino & Rich –  Thursday, 5/25/17

Show Topics

  • Throwback Thursday – The guys open up the show with some Land of the Lost which drives a conversation towards the worst movies you ever paid to see in theaters. Covino took a date to see Stuck on You, which completely killed the vibe of the date. Listeners call in the share their worst movie stories. Rich points out that if you take girl out to a movie and the movie is terrible, it may not necessarily be a bad thing – It could create an inside joke between you and the girl which could only help the situation.


  • Rich and his mother-in-law – Rich’s mother-in-law has been amazing helping out with the baby. He wishes he could afford to move her out here so she never has to leave. Rich has a self-serving question though: What series on Netflix or Hulu can the two of them binge watch together during the day? Covino mentions that he’s trying to trap into staying forever. Listeners recommend Riverdale, The Keepers, Veep, Parenthood, Longmire, Sherlock, and Grace & Frankie.
  • Matters of interest – Rich calls Covino out for being too cool for certain shows. Covino generally refuses to watch network tv because it doesn’t interest him. He prefers to watch HBO, Netflix, Prime, etc…Rich swears that it’s because there is more chatter around those shows. Covino denies that and says that you can’t fake interest, and he just isn’t interested in what the networks are selling.
  • Being accused of sleeping around – Iggy Azalea has been rumored to be sleeping around with Odell Beckham Jr. but today she responded to the rumor by saying she has never even met him. Have you ever been accused of sleeping with someone who you really didn’t hook up with? Covino had an incident where he was accused of sleeping with a girl he hadn’t slept with but the girl in question was telling people that they had. To make matters even worse – the girl would show up at events and ended up in a ton of the pictures. Covino also had a classmate who bragged about sleeping with Danielle Fishel. Years later, Danielle Fishel was on the show and Covino asked her and showed her a picture of the guy – she had no idea who he was.


  • Supporting your rivals – Rich asks listeners if they would ever support their biggest sport rivals for the right amount of money.  Rich definitely has with some commercial/ad work her has done. Covino thinks people are dumb not to. Lots of callers chime in saying they would never turn on their teams for money but the guys think that’s just bad business! If you could make a good chunk of change for supporting another team – you should do it!