Covino & Rich Show Recap: 5-24-17

Covino & Rich –  Wednesday, 5/24/17


Joe & Murr – Impractical Jokers

Show Topics

  • Spot cockblocks Covino – yesterday after the show he caught Covino on leaning and letting out a fart, he posted it on Instagram story and some of the hot girls of Instagram he likes saw it, was this a dick move, Covino brought it upon himself, and of course, it can’t compete with the fart heard round the world…
  • Joe & Murr of Impractical Jokers – C&R love the show, talk about some of their favorite bits, how the show came about, how long they’ve known each other, how they went from broke to awesome
  • News story – Black man gets a penis transplant after 17 years of losing his penis, he wakes up and find out he was given a white man’s penis, he has to have it medically tattooed to be darker, imagine not having a penis in your 20s, it would have made you super focused without having distraction of your penis, all your thoughts were motivated by sex when you were in your 20s


  • Hypothetical – no sex for a millions dollars, would you give up sex for money, think about the amount of sex you really have and if the cost outweighs the pleasure
  • Hypothetical – would you rather be ugly like Steve Buscemi and make a lot of money or look like Ryan Gosling and top out at 35k/year, underestimate what looks can do
  • Girl who doesn’t have any female friends – article about a girl who had all guys as her “bromaids,” should it be a red flag when a girl doesn’t have any female friends?, something wrong with her that she can’t keep girls around, every girl should be able to muster up a few girls to have in their wedding, a couple of girls call up and say the same goes for guys



  • Unfriending people in real life – one of our comedian friends posts a meme that says “Sometimes you have to unfollow people in real life” – this is definitely true, everyone knows someone who brings them down, better to cut someone out of your life, people call in and share people they had to cut loose