Covino & Rich Show Recap: 5-23-17

Covino & Rich –  Tuesday, 5/23/17


Jo Koy – comedian, promoting upcoming dates and Netflix special

Show Topics

  • Jo Koy in studio – Jo Koy comes by to talk about the success of his Netflix comedy special, his shows being sold out through October, Covino being a cheap dad, their child together, and how he has the coolest kid. Jo invites them to do his podcast and reveals that he is expecting a baby boy!
  • The Katy Perry SNL performance – Spot tried to do the dance featured in the performance and it was terrible. Luckily, it was captured on video and is available on their social media. This leads into the story of Katy Perry is getting a $25 million deal with ABC to be a judge on American Idol. Covino and Rich think that $25 million is a ridiculous amount of money to tell someone whether their song was any good or not.


  • Rich’s mother-in-law found his fleshlight – Porn star Kendra Sunderland stopped by the show a few months ago and brought her fleshlight’s with her as gifts. Rich put his underneath his sink in the corner. Since Sara has had her baby, her mother came out to California to help out while they get settled in. Rich never wants her to leave! She’s been cleaning, doing laundry, and helping take care of the baby. However, Rich noticed that she cleaned their master bathroom, which is where the fleshlight was. He looked under the sink and saw that it was moved…Now he can’t help but wonder if she looked at it or realized what it was.
  • Explosion at the Ariana Grande concert – Ariana Grande came out and made a statement. C&R agree that she shouldn’t feel bad or guilty, but how do you not? These people came out to support her and some lost their lives – that has to be a heavy weight for her to carry. Covino tries to understand what would make someone target a place where it is mainly women and their daughters, it’s disgusting. Rich points out that Grande will always be tied to this incident now.


  • Doggy Divorce – Covino was talking to a woman recently and she mentioned that her ex-boyfriend still helps take care of her dogs when she is travelling. They were dogs that were purchased together when they were still dating. Covino wants to know if this is a common thing. Do you still keep a foot in the door so you can spend time with dogs? Rich has been through this with an ex and he had to let the dogs go. It seems incredibly odd that anyone would try to stay in their ex’s life just for dogs. C&R understand the attachment people have to their pets but to keep someone around just for that is ridiculous. Callers chime in with their own stories about having the doggy divorce.