Covino & Rich Show Recap: 5-22-17

Covino & Rich –  Monday, 5/22/17

Show Topics

  • Daddy Davis is back! Rich is back in action after spending time with his baby. He was really worried the last night they spent in the hospital because Emmy would not stop crying and couldn’t imagine taking her home and dealing with a crying baby but she has been so good since they have been home. Rich has taken on diaper duty since Sara is really doing all the work with breast feeding. He has a new found respect for mothers.
  • Botulism from California nacho incident – A man has died after eating nachos from 7/1. First and foremost – no one should be eating anything from 7/11. This man died of botulism. Unfortunately, it is not an isolated incident, at least 10 people have gotten sick in California because of this. The CDC is urging people to be careful with their food choices. The biggest threat is to Covino’s brother-in-law who gets all of his nutrition from 7/11.


  • Explosion at Ariana Grande concert – Breaking news out of the UK that there was an explosion at an Ariana Grande concert. C&R are so bothered by this – all they can think about are the people who were in attendance: Women with their daughters. It’s awful and disturbing that someone would do this. As of now, there are 19 people dead and over 50 injured.



  • Cats with deep voices – Someone sent Covino a video clip of a cat with a really deep meow and he thinks it’s real. He leaves it to Rich and Spot to decide if it’s real – they rule it as fake and think he is ridiculous for believing in this video for a second. He refuses to believe it is fake and the story incites listeners to call in with their deepest cat meows.



  • Sea Lion drags a girl into the water – clip goes viral

  • TV Updated – Better Call Saul is getting really good! Rich is an episode behind but Covino says it’s all coming together. Rich has turned into a housewife and has caught a lot of daytime television. One thing Rich brings up that isn’t lame is the reboot of Roseanne. The guys wonder what the new series will be like and how they will work around the way Roseanne left off. Covino isn’t too interested in any of the reboots that are coming back, he wants original content!
  • Friend in need – Our friend Roger needs some advice. There is a girl he likes that he has been chatting back and forth with through instagram. They have never met, but Jessica finally agreed to meet him. She told Roger that she had a friend that she would really like him to meet. They all went out and had a good time, but Jessica keeps asking Roger what he thought of her friend. Roger isn’t interested in her friend at all, he is interested in Jessica and wonders how to get out of the friend zone. The guys can agree that he should still pursue Jessica, stay in her circle, hang out with her again and continue to show interest – and most importantly, do not show any interest in the friend.
  • News Alerts – update on the explosion at the Ariana Grande concert, Ringling Brothers has their last show after 146 years, and frozen space sperm passes a fertility test.