Covino & Rich Show Recap: 5-16-17

Covino & Rich –  Tuesday, 5/16/17

Show Topics

  • Where in the world is Rich Davis? – He’s at the hospital because Sara went into labor! Rich calls into the show to tell us all about Sara’s water breaking in the middle of the night and how she is so close to having the baby. Everyone is so excited for him and can’t wait for the baby comes. Listeners call in to congratulate the soon-to-be Daddy Davis. Rich eventually has to go because it is time to push!
  • Covino’s phone voice – Covino, Spot, and Rich (via phone) had a big meeting today. On the drive back home from the meeting Covino gets a random phone call. He put on his formal Steve voice and Spot rips him for it. He sounded so lame. Covino sticks to the idea that you can never sound cool in two situations – talking to your kid in front of your friends and talking to a girl in front of your friends. Rich understands that your tone of voice will change depending on who is on the other end of the call.
  • Covino and Melody’s cover of “It’s Raining Tacos” – Covino was jamming with Melody and he recorded it. She sand “It’s Raining Tacos” while he played guitar. It was such a sweet moment between the two that a listener even calls in all choked up saying how he thought it was such a beautiful moment to share with everyone.
  • New male fashion trend – RompHim’s are a new thing for men, they are the same type of rompers women wear but made for men. Covino hates his and cannot get on board. You will get no love from Covino if he sees you wearing these. Mark Zito is here and he mentions that they look like they are very freeing.

  • Open Marriages – Zito shares an article that addresses open marriages. Covino thinks it’s all fun and games until the woman catches feelings. Spot argues that men can separate love and sex better than woman can, so the problem is not so much the man sleeping around but the woman sleeping around. The woman is more likely to develop feelings for someone else. Spot also points out that if you are seeking an open marriage, there is probably an issue you need to address with your partner. Everyone can agree that open marriages probably don’t ever end well.