Covino & Rich Show Recap: 5-12-17

Covino & Rich –  Friday, 5/12/17

Show Topics

  • The last show on Rush 93 – The guys are excited/bummed to be leaving Rush. The guys start talking about leaving places for the last time – homes to be specific. Does everyone do the final, sentimental walk through when they’re moving out of their homes? C&R agree that everyone does that. The most depressing sentimental walk through Rich ever had was when he sold his home that he bought with his ex and he got in the U-Haul to leave and the battery of the truck was dead
  • ThirSteve Covino – Covino really wants Hilary Duff to get back to him. Rich gives Covino one of his Pop2K breaks every show to shout out Hilary Duff in hopes that she will Snapchat him. He has no shame and has been named ThirSteve Covino. Covino regrets nothing.
  • Chavez Jr video surfaces where he’s being massaged by a bunch of girls after losing the fight.  Only problem is that he’s currently married, what was going on in this situation, guess he ended up winning in the end.  This was after the fight vs Canelo where he barely put up a fight

  • Derek Jeter’s thank you letter to New York – Derek Jeter wrote an emotional letter to New York and turned it into a video using people from around the city. His retirement has struck a chord with Covino because Jeter means so much to him. Rich hates the Yankees but he cannot deny the respect he has for Derek Jeter.

  • Dickie Deep Thought – Rich finally updated his phone and discovered that there are Facebook stories now. Where are we headed in terms of technology. Will there be a point where from the moment people wake up they will be live streaming their whole day? C&R discuss the loss of communication among the generations that have grown up with social media and how social encounters are decreasing.
  • If you had to wipe out all the pop culture from one culture, which decade would it be? – Covino, Rich, and Spot debate on whether or not they would wipe out the 70s or the 2000s. Covino would wipe out the current times, Rich and Spot vote for the 70s. They also recognize that their age plays a big role in their choices.
  • Mother’s Day trivia for more Proflowers/Shari’s Berries Gift Cards

And here’s Huey Lewis to get you into the weekend: