Covino & Rich Show Recap: 5-11-17

Covino & Rich –  Thursday, 5/11/17

Show Topics

  • That one time Covino hooked up with someone Spot really liked – Covino is still trying to defend himself. Covino conveniently feels sick on top of this, Spot probably poisoned him. Spot still holds a grudge about this issue not because he thinks he could have married this girl, but the C&R don’t understand that they did this multiple times and feel no remorse. It just shows how selfish they are and it is upsetting to Spot.
  • Bow Wow Challenge – The other day, Bow Wow posted a photo to his Instagram of a private plane with a caption indicating that he was headed out on a press tour. The same day, someone photographed him on a commercial flight and tweeted it out revealing that he wasn’t on the private plane like he led everyone to believe. Not only was he on a commercial flight but after some investigation, someone realized it was a stock photo from a private jet airline company. The internet has had a field day with it and has created the Bow Wow Challenge, where you photograph something lame and make look really awesome and then put it next to what it really is.


  • Ribcage bragging – There seems to be a rise in photos among women on social media where their poses show their ribcage. People on the internet have raised concerns as to how these images can be dangerous to young girls and women who may not look like the models in these photos. Rich thinks women should strive to look like this, he says that any woman who is in shape and poses a certain way will have their ribcage show. He doesn’t quite understand how this could be dangerous or how young girls could be harmed by this.



  • Random headlines – A man claims that he didn’t kill his wife but that she died from choking on his penis, viral video of the best baseball cheating incident that no one noticed, motorcyclist crashing right into the back of the truck setting the truck and himself on fire, Cellino is suing Barnes, and a woman combatting in Europe is combatting rape by letting strangers touch her vagina.




  • Mom Trivia – the guys have a bunch of ProFlowers and Shari’s Berries to give away to listeners. C&R play mom trivia – it could be about their own moms, TV moms, movie moms, any and all things mom for their chance to win a nice gift to give to their mother’s