Covino & Rich Show Recap: 4-25-17

Covino & Rich –  Monday, 4/25/17

Show Topics

  • Guac Off dilemma – Rich isn’t sure whether he should go to New York for the Guac Off because it is 10 days before Sara’s due date. Covino thinks that if Rich doesn’t got to New York, they should do the Guac Off in L.A. Covino doesn’t want to do Guac Off by himself, he can but he doesn’t want to. It’s going to be super last minute because Rich can’t decide whether or not to go until him and Sara meet with their doctor two days before Guac Off. Rich fears Sara going into labor while he’s in New York.
  • Covino bought Rogaine – Over the last few days, Spot has been snapchatting the back of Covino’s head making fun of his hair line. It made Covino self-conscious so he bought Rogaine last night. Covino has dealt with hair loss before and Rogaine fixed the problem so he’s giving it a shot again. Spot feels bad for making Covino worry about his hair because he doesn’t look like he’s balding.
  • Stealthing – a new dangerous sex trend is on the rise and pretty scary for women. Stealthing is when the guy removes the condom in the middle of sex without telling the woman. It poses the question of whether or not it is rape. A Swiss court convicted a man of rape for this very issue because the woman said she would not have consented to sex without a condom.

  • Disco Boobs – Women are not stepping up their body paint game with disco boobs. Women are going topless but bedazzling their boobs with glitter and decorations for the festival season. The guys think this is actually a really hot look for women – C&R approved.


  • Uncle Mack strikes again – Uncle Mack is an old family friend that borderline harasses Covino via text when he’s high. He thinks he’s Covino’s sexual guru and shares his sex-capades even though Covino refuses to engage in the conversation.
  • News Alerts – Sports updated, Donald Trump has the lowest approval rate, Father hangs himself and his daughter on Facebook live, Nordstrom’s selling a pair of dirty jeans for $425, Kenny G performs on a Delta flight, Scott Baio aplogizes for criticizing Erin Moran’s death so harshly, Pope declares Evolution and Big Bang Theory as real, Arkansas carries out two back to back executions for the first time in two decades.