Covino & Rich Show Recap: 4-19-17

Covino & Rich –  Wednesday, 4/19/17


Taryn Manning – promoting Comedy Central’s The Comedy Jam, Orange is the New Black, and her new album out May 5th

Show Topics

  • Aaron Hernandez commits suicide – Hernandez was found dead in prison. The internet has already started making jokes about it but Rich finds it interesting that there is a small sector of people that are upset by these jokes. Hernandez is a murderer – so anyone being upset by a joke surprises him.
  • Facebook Murderer – Steve Stephens killed himself after pursuit. He was found in Erie, PA. Stephens stopped at a McDonald’s drive through and the person working the window recognized him and told his manager who contacted the police. They stalled the fugitive as long as they could but he eventually took off. Spot doesn’t think that people are that aware, and thinks that the McDonald’s employee didn’t see him.


  • Rich forgot to delete his internet search history – After looking at smut, Rich forgot to delete his search history. His wife went to use the computer and had to talk her out of looking at hit. She wanted to see what he was looking at but it made him really uncomfortable. Rich, who isn’t a private person whatsoever found his limit with what he’ll share. Is it wrong that he didn’t wife to see what he was looking at? Covino completely understands and wouldn’t want anyone to see what smut he looks at.
  • Video of bouncer punching a drunk woman – A video has surfaced of a bouncer punching a drunk woman after she takes a swing at him. Is this self-defense or is this guy wrong? When you watch the video it looks like an instinctive strike back at the woman. Everyone agrees that both parties should have kept away from each other.

  • Spot hates the unicorn food craze – Starbucks is launching a limited edition unicorn Frappuccino. It sounds like it tastes disgusting but looks really pretty. Spot doesn’t understand why this is a thing people are doing with food.

  • Taryn Manning in studio – Manning came by to promote her episode of The Comedy Jam where she performs “Pour Some Sugar On Me” with Def Leppard, her new electronic album, her love for music and acting, Coachella, and life as an artist.