Covino & Rich Show Recap: 4-18-17

Covino & Rich –  Tuesday, 4/18/17

Show Topics

  • More United Airlines problems – A couple flying to Costa Rica for their wedding were removed from their flight. When this couple board their flight, there was someone sprawled out across their row of seats sleeping. The flight was half full so the couple just moved up a few rows to some empty seats. Airline flight attendants asked the couple to go back to their seats since they were sitting in an upgraded row. The couple did not comply and were asked to get off the plane. Rich thinks United caused more problems for themselves. Covino doesn’t understand why people can’t just respect authority. C&R start arguing all over again about the man who was dragged off United Airlines


  • Man steals over 100 phones at Coachella – A guy at Coachella went on a mission, the phones were traced back to him with the Find My iPhone app. Most of the phones were stolen from the Sahara tent and are now being reunited with their proper owners.
  • New dating terminology – People are now using the word “cushioning.” Cushioning is when you are in a relationship or seriously dating someone but you keep people on standby in case the relationship fails you have a backup. Covino points out that all these new terms that people are using aren’t new tactics, it’s just sugar-coating trash behavior that people have always done.

  • Carmelo Anthony gets a stripper pregnant – Carmelo Anthony and his wife, Lala are on the rocks after he gets a stripper pregnant. C&R are baffled that this guy didn’t take precautions if he was going to cheat on a stripper. Rich mentions that he would rather get herpes than have a baby with a stripper. Covino says that if he got a stripper pregnant, he would at least still love the child.
  • Female blogger taking a stand and supports hairy arms and legs – this upsets Rich more than anything on the planet. C&R find it repulsive and disgusting that she doesn’t shave. Covino tries to figure out what point she is trying to make by doing this, there are better ways to make a point. Not shaving does nothing but make the blogger gross.


  • News Alerts – Eli Manning caught in a scandal around selling merchandise, Otis Nixon is found safe, Oldest woman alive is 117 years old, Dave Chappelle’s Netflix special is the most viewed of all time, Veteran carries his running partner across the finish line at the Boston Marathon, Facebook killer found dead