Covino & Rich Show Recap: 4-17-17

Covino & Rich –  Monday, 4/17/17

Show Topics

  • Monday Mourning – horrible stories in the news from over the weekend – Man killed on Facebook live, Todd Heap accidentally runs over his daughter in the driveway, boy killed at a revolving restaurant in Atlanta, teen accidentally shoots himself on Instagram live, we agree the Heap story is the worst of the bunch



  • Easter weekend recap – Rich and spot went out to brunch and bowling, hung out with friends and got dressed up, Covino lived the dadlife – dyeing Easter eggs and Easter egg hunts, get a little nervous when he can’t see his kid, all the parents end up running into the kid only area

  • Coachella – the festival has become all the rage, all the girls we follow on Instagram were all at Coachella, the lame people that don’t go call it NoChella, working in radio we’re over doing festivals and certain concerts
  • Aries Spears gets beat up – he went on an internet radio show and was having a heated argument with one of the hosts, the guy ends up punching him in the head several times, he couldn’t do anything but take it, Spears has been on our show a bunch of times, did he get what he deserved?


  • Mark in Colorado – one of our famous callers has been MIA for a few weeks, and we were concerned, he calls to update that he was in a motorcycle accident and was recovering, he and his wife were both involved, he’s doing ok
  • Smoking weed with family – Rich reveals the stat that 50% of people who smoke weed have smoked with a family member, Rich has smoked with his dad and father-in-law, everyone was smoking weed at Rich’s wedding, Covino and Spot think it’s weird because they would never do this around their family
  • News Alerts – the baby giraffe has finally been born, Jeans that unzip from the back to reveal your butt

  • Friend in Need – guy is casually dating a girl and isn’t ready to commit, but saw online that she was out on another date, he wants to know if he should acknowledge this, we say he should ignore it, it also shows that guys are more intrigued by women who are desirable to others, it’s the new mindset of sharing everything