Covino & Rich Show Recap: 4-13-17

Covino & Rich –  Thursday, 4/13/17

Show Topics

  • Where did the man thighs go? – Rich notices how the older generation can’t fit in skinny jeans, and he knows why. Rich has made an observations and thinks that people over the age of 30 who were really active have big thighs. Kids of today and younger generations don’t have the body frames of older generations. Covino agrees, Spot wants to know if it’s nature or nurture. Scrawny seems to be how people are built now – so they fit great into the skinny and slim fit clothing but older generations can’t.
  • Dating people who are less attractive than you – The New York Post released an article today of people who are coming out saying they are making a conscious decision to date people who are less attractive because dating hot people has not served them well. Covino and Rich, who are well aware of their own superficial tendencies cannot believe someone who come out and say this. The worst part is that the people in these articles are not even attractive themselves. To think that they are such a catch is beyond Covino and Rich.

  • New trend alert – Nipple fashion. A company is making fake nipple pasties. Why? We don’t know and we don’t understand it. Instead of women working to hide their nipples, they are embracing it

  • 8 year old drives his 4 year old sister to McDonald’s – After his parents fell asleep, the 8 year old’s’ sister wanted a cheeseburger so he went on YouTube and taught himself how to drive. He made it all the way to McDonald’s without any traffic violations or accidents.

  • Sibling rivalry – Listeners are speculating that Rich is jealous of his brother Jimmy for buying a home and becoming a father before him. It’s not that at all. Rich is proud of his brother. C&R discuss the differences between growing up the eldest child and the youngest child and the difference in upbringing and memories.
  • Rich gets backlash for not wanting to change a tire – Why would he change a tire when he has roadside service? He points out that none of his new cars have spare tires, they’re no longer included or really needed.