Covino & Rich Show Recap: 4-10-17

Covino & Rich –  Monday, 4/10/17

Show Topics

  • Weekend Recap – Spot got a new car over the weekend, Covino got a dent in his car and a ticket for using his cell phone, Rich got Covino to go to Beat Bike over the weekend and he loved it. Both C&R started watching 13 Reasons Why on Netflix – Covino wasn’t sold on it, It took Rich a couple episodes. Covino said it felt too after school special for him. Rich went to go see Life in the theater, he says not to waste your money on it.
  • They caught up on the Louis C.K. special – The special wasn’t laugh out loud funny. It went really dark really fast, he hit abortion and suicide right from the beginning. Rich wasn’t in the right mood to watch it so he is going to give it another shot.
  • Friend in need – Listener from Phoenix reaches out with a dating question. Our listener is new to the dating scene, recently out of a 4 year relationship. He went on a date with a girl, had a nice dinner, started getting very flirty and touchy. After some dirty talk he learns that she does not give oral sex. Is this a deal breaker? What should he do? Rich thinks he should cut his losses now, Covino thinks he should go out on another to date just to see if she really doesn’t give oral or if she just doesn’t give oral this early in the game.

  • Friend in need #2 – One of our listeners was at his girlfriend’s house and had to use the bathroom. His girlfriend’s roommate told him that he can do that at his own how and the roommate even made a point to go to his girlfriend and ask him to leave. How does he navigate this situation? The guys think that if you’re in a roommate situation, you have to be prepared to be around significant others but that you should respect the space. Its case by case – is here there 5 days a week or is he only there a couple times a week? Is the couple taking over the common area space making the roommate uncomfortable? Does the roommate have the opportunity to really relax in her own home? The thing to do would be to let the girls work it out and figure out the ground rules for having significant others over.
  • Viral videos – An old viral videos resurfaced over the weekend: One of a guy thought that he was bungee jumping but it he actually just jumped into a kiddie pool, Covino has Spot pull up the the zip line fail video, a news anchor finds out about her husband dying in a fatal crash while reporting the story, a bishop claims to be able to enlarge men’s penises by just touching it




  • Rich pulls up a list of 38 things you did in middle school but forgot about – We learn that Rich cheated his way through school and that Spot is in fact the smartest one in the room. Rich thinks he has other skills that have served him better than the calculus class he cheated his way through. He also thinks that his talents have provided Spot with a good life – a bold statement considering Spot keeps the show going.