Covino & Rich Show Recap: 4-5-17

Covino & Rich –  Wednesday, 4/5/17


Xzibit – promoting his role on the FOX series Empire

Show Topics

  • People who can’t park – In Rich’s parking garage there are assigned spots for each unit. The person who parks next to Rich parks crooked every time and makes it hard for Rich to get in and out of his car. Rich has had enough and left a polite note on the tenants car asking him to park properly. Covino calls leaving a note passive aggressive.
  • Rich takes a moment to applaud Spot – Spot had C&R over yesterday to do some things for work and Covino decided he needed to use the bathroom and Spot refuses to let him. Spot blocked Covino from destroying his toilet and sent him to use the bathroom in Spot’s gym in his building.

  • Anne Hathaway – old story resurfaces of Anne Hathaway being the most unlikable actress in Hollywood. C&R don’t really understand why. They get into her movies, her naked photos and all the reasons to love Anne Hathaway
  • Covino’s Mystery Sound – Covino wants to play “Can You Guess That Mystery Sound?” He told Spot off the air the pull up a video of a singing zebra for the bit but Covino never watched the video. When Spot previewed the clip, it’s actually a spoof video of a guy singing every time the zebra opens its mouth. Spot knew the clip was terrible for the air but he set Covino up to look like a doof on the air. Covino gets a little upset that Spot set him up.

  • Celebrity connections – Covino tells everyone a story from when he met Rick Cerone at a card convention. As a kid, Covino knew someone who constantly said he knew Cerone so when Covino got the chance to meet him he was really excited that they had a friend in common. Cerone had no idea what Covino was talking about. This leads into everyone else and their random celebrity connections.
  • Xzibit in studio – Xzibit came in to promote his role on Empire, coming up in the music industry, working with Timbaland, Terrance Howard, Taraji P. Henson, and the first time he came by the show.