Covino & Rich Show Recap: 4-4-17

Covino & Rich –  Tuesday, 4/4/17

Show Topics

  • One Shining Moment – UNC wins the championship. It was a terrible game, no one wanted to win. Rich loves when they play One Shining Moment by Luther Vandross with the highlight reel after the Final Four champ wins. He really likes the tradition. Covino hates it. He doesn’t think the song fits the moment, it’s so cheesy. Rich points out that Covino has an obsession with everything needing to be cool and that’s why he doesn’t like it. Rich likes the tradition. The guys go through other sports songs and Covino thinks they’re all pretty lame.

  • Viral Videos – A chimpanzee throws poop at the zoo and it lands in a grandmother’s face, the guys think it’s hilarious. Covino shows us another viral video of a dad pranking his son. This dad told his son that he trapped a bird under a bucket, and when he lifts the bucket off the ground the kid needs to snatch the bird up really quick. The dad lifts the bucket and the kid quickly picks up what’s underneath – it’s really poop. The kid is grossed out and mad and slaps his dad with his poop hand.

  • One time at SNY a guy walked in on Covino’s stall in the bathroom. The guy instead of immediately turning around and closing the door, he froze for a second too long.  It was so awkward and they never talked about it again. They recreated the moment on their SNY show and got in trouble with their boss. Time freezes in awkward moments like that.
  • Friend in need – One of our listeners reaches out with a dating question. Our listener in single, in his 30s and dating. He is finally going out on a date with the girl of his dreams on Friday, but there is potential for a hook up with a different girl on Wednesday. He is having a moral dilemma over it – is it okay to hook up with Wednesday girl? The guys all agree that since he is single, there is no crime in hooking up with another girl. If anything, he should be sleeping around with as many people as he can before he settles down with everyone. If he is already having an internal battle with himself on this though, he probably shouldn’t. C&R encourage him to take the hook up opportunity.
  • Death by pancake – a 20 year old Sacred Heart University student chokes to death on a pancake in an eating contest. Covino thinks this is just dumb behavior, what a dumb way to die. She was transported to a nearby hospital where she passed away. Spot and Rich defend the girl because she was a college student having fun, no one thinks they’re going to die in an eating contest. Covino points out that if she wasn’t engaging in dumb behavior she wouldn’t have died.