Covino & Rich Show Recap: 4-3-17

Covino & Rich –  Monday, 4/3/17

Show Topics

  • There’s too much to keep up with on social media now – you can do live streams on every platform and so many other things. It’s all over-saturated. Covino notices that a lot of people post the same thing on every platform and it’s repetitive. Spot tries to post different things on different social media.
  • Covino watched a very random Instagram Live video – this weekend, Covino was on Facebook and noticed that a person that they are friends with started a live stream. The video was clearly started accidentally seeing that the camera was not pointed at anyone and was looking at the ceiling. The people in the video were partying and drunk and stoned – Covino couldn’t look away. There was only a couple other people watching the video but at one point the couple in the video start having sex. While you can’t see them having sex, you can hear the entire thing. When they’re done the guy picks up the phone and realizes that it was recording.
  • Rich and Spotty hit Vegas – For the first time, they went off-strip. They ended up at Fremont Street and had so much fun. Fremont doesn’t feel like Las Vegas. It was a little trashy but it was a good time. Spot followed through with his promise to do an ass-vestigation while he was by the pool. It was creepy.

  • Random woman loses it on a couple at a Santa Monica restaurant- a couple waiting in line at a restaurant get yelled at and harassed by a  woman who says the couple were having sex in the middle of the restaurant. This was brought on after a man gave his girlfriend a kiss on the head. The woman who was yelling at them was clearly a lunatic and so incredible rude. Moral of the story – people are crazy.

  • Spot yelled at Rich over the weekend – Rich was drunk playing cards and everyone was in the limo waiting for him. Instead of ending his game, he wandered over to another table and started playing another game. Spot kept trying to get him to leave but he wouldn’t. Rich was almost left at the casino.
  • Crossing stories off of Covino’s list – quick Wrestlemania update, ARod met JLo’s mother, The Walking Dead recap without spoilers, and PornHub’s April Fool’s Joke