Covino & Rich Show Recap: 3-31-17

Covino & Rich –  Friday, 3/31/17

Show Topics

  • Covino’s throwback Thursday – found a photo he discussed yesterday of him with the Foo Fighters. Found it on an old hard drive.  Talk about keeping photos of ex’s on your hard drive.  Covino has some scandalous stuff.  Wish we had photos of all the girls we’ve hooked up with in the past.

  • Melody’s talent show performance – Melody did a great job and had so much fun. Covino had so much anxiety for Melody, he didn’t want to mess up for her. He’s happy he didn’t mess up. They had a really good time.
  • Dumb viral videos – Rich found an old dumb video of this girl complaining that she couldn’t get her British AIM friend to buy her the new sims game. Rich also has Spot pull up the video of the British couple who argue about pizza slices. Covino loves the video of the Mexican boy who gets stuck climbing a fence and probably Rich’s favorite viral video is of the midget playing soccer and doing a penalty kick but pulls a Charlie Brown and misses.

  • Spot and Rich are going to Vegas this weekend – They’re excited to take off. They’re going to a bachelor party and wedding. Rich can’t wait to do some gambling and relaxing by the pool. Spot isn’t sure if he’s ready to layout by the pool yet – he’s been on a strict diet and has lost a lot of weight but might not be comfortable enough yet.
  • Sports update – Predicted that the finals will end up with UNC vs. Gonzaga, Covino is excited for baseball season, LeBron has been mocking Alonso Ball’s shot, LeBron passes Shaq in all-time scoring, bees attack the Padres vs. Rockies game, and Covino can’t believe how much Dave Roberts has changed since being the great player that he was.




  • Illinois refusing to pay out lottery winners – this story upsets Rich. These people must have been so excited to win some money only to be denied. The state has not paid of $288 million worth of lottery money. Rich mentions that people that are well off probably don’t play the lottery often, people that play are probably that need the money.
  • Showing booty – How comfortable are you with your wife showing booty by the pool? Rich thinks sometimes Sara shows too much booty, It makes Covino a little uncomfortable when there’s too much booty out. In honor of this topic, Rich and Spot will take one for the team and do a study while they are by the pool this weekend in Vegas. Also, know your booty. Not all bikini cuts are made for all women!
  • News Alerts – First trailer of the Netflix Louis C.K. special released, New Jumanji movie will be released in December, Uber has put together a lost and found index of the most random things lost during rides, and the world’s strongest coffee is now available in the U.S.