Covino & Rich Show Recap: 3-29-17

Covino & Rich –  Wednesday, 3/29/17

Show Topics

  • No OrangeTheory for C&R – They didn’t get to go to OrangeTheory yesterday so they will try again today. Rich remembers when P90x was a thing and he tried doing it, Covino never made it through P90x. C&R argue about when P90x was at its peak and how long it’s been around. Rich remembers doing P90x 10 years ago, but Covino says it became a big thing within the last 5 years.
  • Dad life update – Rich went to his last baby class in preparation for the birth. It was just a class to fill in the gaps and give parents some things to know. Rich only had one question and it was about breastfeeding. He asked the nurse if there’s a dominant boob in breastfeeding, should they alternate boobs? Rich made a friend in the class that wanted to exchange information since they’re both going to be new parents. Rich also asks if it’s okay to Facebook live from the hospital while they’re waiting around. Both Covino and Spot agree that they should just enjoy the moment and not film it for everyone to see on Facebook.
  • Raiders brothel – Dennis Hoff will be opening his 7th brothel in Nevada which will be Raiders themed in honor of the football move. He will have VIP sections for players and fans will get special deals.

  • A fake Miami Dolphins player has been scamming women for three years. He had social media posts that made it look like he was an actual player. C&R had Spot try to scam people like this once when they were in Florida. Spot was telling people he was Dan Marino’s son. A little goes a long way when it comes to trying to get laid. Everyone has lied a little bit to get laid, C&R pretended to be a gay couple to see if girls would let their guard down – it worked.

  • Replacing a word in a movie title with “asshole” – C&R amuse themselves for way too long with a Facebook post with a list of movie titles with part of it replaced with “asshole.” Listeners call in to give their favorite movie titles – The Girl With The Asshole Tattoo, 10 Things I Hate About Assholes, etc…

  • Mother films invasive TSA pat-down of her disabled teenage son – the mother of a disabled teen films her son getting an invasive pat-down. The mother requested alternative security check because her son has a sensory disability so he was patted down. Rich doesn’t think this is a big deal, Covino thinks this TSA agent is doing way too much and a total creep. Rich says that flying isn’t a right, it’s a privilege – if you don’t like the safety procedures, then don’t fly.


  • Covino duped again – There’s a new device that transfer taste through an app. The device takes the pH level of the a drink and tricks the taste buds on the receiving end. Rich thinks this is silly. Covino totally believes it and can’t wait. It’s completely beyond Spot’s comprehension that Covino believes this.

  • More stories on Covino’s list – a World War II vet comes out as transgender, Women who orgasm are more likely to cheat, Man goes missing in Indonesia – he was swallowed by a python, the he internet just realized how grown up Eminem’s daughter is, and a morgue worker gives birth to dead man’s baby.


  • News Alerts – new emojis coming in June, Los Pollos Hermanos pop up opens in downtown Los Angeles today, and UK reality Survivor type show gets cancelled last year but no one tells the contestants – they just returned to civilization last week.