Covino & Rich Show Recap: 3-28-17

Covino & Rich –  Tuesday, 3/28/17

Show Topics

  • Rich pulls a Covino – Rich and his wife are unboxing all of their baby things and setting up the baby room. They bought a dresser and when it was delivered it had a significant amount of damage. The delivery guys apologize and say that they will deliver a new one. When the new one is delivered there is a minimal amount of damage and the delivery guys encourage Rich to call the store to complain (after being tipped $40 each). Rich calls and kind of flips out on the manager because it was an expensive dresser – he gets credited $300. Spot and Covino supplement the story with their Rich impressions

  • Rich’s in-laws gift them antlers – as they are putting together the baby room, Sara has to convince Rich that the antlers from her mother’s first kill fits with the decor of the room. It doesn’t. It’s very redneck. Rich has no idea what to do with these things
  • Tom Brady playing for another 7 years? – Pats Owner Robert Kraft says he wants Brady to play for 6 or 7 more years, he’s turning 40 this year so he’ll be old if he continues to play that long, sucks for backup QB Jimmy Garoppolo who’s been waiting for his chance and he might look for another team, Pats are highly favored to win the super bowl again this year
  • Raiders to move to Las Vegas – C&R discuss the pros and cons of this move. They consider how quickly Las Vegas is expanding every year and how it’s a solid move in terms of profit and how stands will always be full. The party scene may become problematic for the young players but overall it seems like a good thing. Do Oakland fans abandon all hope? The 49ers have opened their arms to the Oakland fans who want to become fans of the 49ers. Will there be a sports book at the stadium
  • How to get people to the movies – Rich brings up his interest in how you get people to actually go see a movie in theaters. There a bunch of good movies that just don’t get people in the seats at the theater, and then there’s movies like Get Out who were made on limited funds, little to no promotion and make hundreds of millions of dollars.
  • We are 8 months away from the first head transplant – a team of 150 in Russia are planning on conducting the first head transplant. These doctors will be transplanting the head from a paralyzed man onto a man who has a functioning body but is brain dead. Spot wonders why they can do this but they can’t cure paralysis. The whole things is really creepy.

  • Apparently Covino has been doing the right thing all this time – The Irish Exit is actually a sign of good moral character rather than rude. Covino only ever does the Irish exit. The Irish exit is a good sign because you recognize that no one cares if you leave, the party continues without you. While you should be doing the Irish exit – there are a few rules to keep in mind

  • The biggest non-story of all – Two girls turned away from United Airlines because they were wearing leggings which violate the dress code. Once the story went viral, more details emerged. These girls were flying on a buddy pass which has an enforced dress code. Naturally the internet is up in arms about it and celebrities are refusing to fly United now.


And a bonus clip of Amazon Women on the Moon, just for you: