Covino & Rich Show Recap: 3-27-17

Covino & Rich –  Monday, 3/27/17


Jo Koy – promoting his third stand-up comedy special, Jo Koy: Live from Seattle, out 3/28 on Netflix

Show Topics

  • Covino’s trip to Utah – Covino had a great time with SiriusXM, Subaru and Shonduras in Utah. He got to do some skiing which he hadn’t done in a really long time. Covino really wants to get back into skiing more often, he had forgotten how much he really loved it. All in all, he had an awesome weekend

  • Orange Theory – Covino is taking his first fitness class ever. It’s a milestone in his life because he is so naturally stubborn, it’s a miracle he agreed to go. He’s actually excited and thinks he’ll be able to handle it. Rich is interested to see how it goes.
  • Rich met the most annoying woman on the planet – Rich and his wife did a hospital walk through in preparation for the birth of their baby. On the tour there was a woman asking the most ridiculous questions – questions that were for her doctor, questions about accommodating her family, and questions about cell service. At one point Rich fired back because he could not stand the stupidity of the questions she was asking. She was the woman asking questions just for the sake of asking questions, turning a 30 minute tour into over an hour.
  • NCAA update – Final four is set, people’s brackets mean nothing because it’s impossible to get them completely right, turns out someone won the Warren Buffet bracket challenge
  • Twerking humiliation – last week, Covino told us about a spring break cat fight that ended with someone twerking over the girl that got knocked out. Now a video went viral of a girl burning her cheating ex’s stuff and she’s twerking in front of it. Twerking is a new way to humiliate people or to increase someone’s humiliation.

  • Booty Types – C&R analyze the different type of booty and choose their favorites. Rich apparently likes school boy booty and Covino likes fat booty. They criticize each other on their preferences. Covino says that if his butt is juicier than theirs, it’s a no-go

  • Jo Koy in studio – Jo Koy came to promote his third stand-up comedy special that is dropping on Netflix tomorrow. He talks about his teenage son, how Netflix is really focusing on comedy, how he did everything on this new special, and the Dave Chappelle revival. Check out his new special, “Jo Koy: Live from Seattle,”, Tuesday March 28th on Netflix