Covino & Rich Show Recap: 3-24-17

Covino & Rich –  Friday, 3/24/17


Ken Jeong – promoting new episodes of his show, Dr. Ken

Show Topics

  • The anxiety crash – C&R’s big meeting went really well yesterday. All of the adrenaline and excitement caught up with them afterwards and when they got home, they crashed. Covino ended up sleeping until 8:30 then couldn’t sleep last night. They can’t talk details, but they are very excited.
  • Brad’s wife – After 11 years, Brad’s wife was fired from the Cracker Barrel. No one knows why but the internet is outraged. Cracker Barrel is now getting trolled by everyone who wants justice for Brad’s wife. It’s so dumb and random but C&R find it hilarious.


  • Earlier this week, a man in Atlantic City broke up a fight between a couple kids. The man was honored by Atlantic City and the man took his minute of fame for good. He honored his mom in his speech, and encouraged kids to do the right thing and stay on the right path. Covino loved that there is actually a good story that went viral rather than the usual trash that goes viral.

  • Matador gets thrown off of his bull. A matador got thrown off of his bull and the bull’s 11 inch horn stabs the man’s rectum. The bull was spooked, ejecting the matador. While on the ground, the bull goes to attack the matador and the matador takes the horn to his  butt. He will need full rectal reconstruction.

  • Steven A vs. LaVar Ball – First Take gets heated when Steven A and LaVar fight on the air. Steven A calls out LaVar for his “blasphemous” comments and thinks he’s ridiculous. Ball claims that he is undefeated 1-on-1 and that his son could beat Steph Curry easy. Rich has a realization that Covino is the LaVar Ball of life.

  • Is Harambe over? – There’s a new gorilla taking the spotlight. Ambam, a silver back gorilla, has learned to stand on two feet after observing humans. Rich wonders if they will they start getting mistaken for big foot. The gorilla can not only stand on two feet but can walk and has begun to run as well.

  • Virginia man pays DMV fine in pennies – A Virginia man shows up to his DMV to pay his fine with 5 barrels of pennies. This story just annoys C&R and especially Spot because this does nothing but make the guy look like a jerk. It’s not the DMV employees’ fault for the fine he received and all his did was make their life way harder and make them more upset.
  • Ken Jeong in studio – Ken comes to the show to promote his ABC comedy, Dr. Ken. C&R talk with him about his debut role in Knocked Up, how Role Models is one of the most underrated comedies, his work on The Hangover, getting his start in comedy while he was doing his medical residency in New Orleans.


  • The Walking Dead’s Ross Marquand – Marquand plays Aaron in The Walking Dead. Esquire posted a video of Marquand doing impressions of characters in movies and all of them are on point. C&R think that The Walking Dead aren’t using him in his full potential, he’s great and his character is so subdued!